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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Social • 23.04.2021 • Reading time ∼ 9 min.

I can't remember if I've ever caught a bad flu. Statistically very likely, but it has not been immortalized in the memory. Under parental supervision, I was probably also given regular vaccinations. But I wouldn't put my hand in the fire for that. Which almost makes you guess that I have no idea when I was last vaccinated.

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Ominous election 2021

Politics • 13.03.2021 • Reading time ∼ 4 min.

The perceivable party structure has changed only marginally over the years. On the other hand, the effects of their policies are largely negative. In terms of content, the nose is quickly pointed at popular trends, but words and deeds differ more than ever before. A real competition in twisting words can be observed. Accompanied by the reprehensible trend of always giving us citizens a guilty conscience.

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The wrong election 2021

Politics • 11.03.2021 • Reading time ∼ 9 min.

As a governing coalition SPD and The Greens laid the foundation for social division in 2001 with Agenda 2010. At that time, the great fraud and sellout of the working classes was initiated and an apparatus full of lies was installed. Masked with a lot of nice talk at the beginning, the extent and consequences were not even remotely comprehensible. The resulting antisocial policies, which contributed to the rise of the brown brood, can no longer be hidden.

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The right election 2021

Politics • 09.03.2021 • Reading time ∼ 7 min.

Older citizens used to vote, and probably still do, completely committed to tradition. They bravely carried the cross of their parents and grandparents through their own lives. Nobody needs to come up with reason or even arguments. For these generations, a change would not only be tantamount to a betrayal of their past, but would also be perceived as an accusation of having made a mistake so far.

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Politics • 09.03.2020 • Reading time ∼ 4 min.

Injustice happens every day, all the time and everywhere. On a small scale, as on a grand scale. In serious circles as well as in dubious ones anyway. Through all layers and structures, without exception. Always consciously and indirectly approving possible consequences, the actual action may not have been intentionally hurtful. Mostly, however, its application is willful.

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Silent death

Environment • 06.03.2020 • Reading time ∼ 6 min.

Devastating battles of annihilation rage around us, among us and beside us. Despite their vehemence and consummate facts, hardly nobody cares about them, although they have lasting consequences. People's ignorance is due to the fact that the battlefields are not only beyond their perception, but above all beyond their imagination. They are completely overwhelmed by the contexts.

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Fragmented resistance

Environment • 02.03.2020 • Reading time ∼ 6 min.

They exist. They are there. Plentiful. Multiple. Often. Even loud enough – if you listen. And here the mess is hidden. Like a radio, you have to tune the station to receive its content. But first you have to know that the station exists, which program is playing there and you want to hear it. Active action is required. The greater the selection of channels, the more difficult the decision becomes. Ultimately, only one source can squawk out of the loudspeakers and usually the feel-good offer wins in the end. That which makes no demands on you.

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Apple polymorphy

Economy • 25.02.2020 • Reading time ∼ 5 min.

Elite, comfortably equipped, pleasant ambience and prudent full-time care with fussy access control. Full-bodied high-gloss promises tempt you to believe in the digital Garden of Eden. On every corner, numerous conveniences convey bliss and promise isolation from unpleasant annoyances. Just everything that is appropriate for upscale luxury. A corresponding credit rating is considered an admission criterion.

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Alien fear

Social • 21.02.2020 • Reading time ∼ 3 min.

If our ancestors had been afraid of anything foreign back then, no nationalistically brown thin shit would be drooling over the countries today, but things would look quite different overall. If scientists digging into our past have so far been relatively certain that the cradle of humanity was in Africa, this thesis is increasingly faltering. Recent discoveries suggest that a central birthplace may be waste.

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Without alternative

Politics • 18.02.2020 • Reading time ∼ 4 min.

As confident as by now almost globally active #FridaysForFuture movement or the rebellion of American opponents of arms in #MarchForOurLives may be, they and all similarly motivated organizations are running against a currently insurmountable obstacle. Those who have not yet lost all moral values and see a humane and viable future in danger, will have their hands tied at a certain point. Whether they are fighting for environment, climate or animals, they need support at the responsible levers for change: politics.

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