Without Alternative

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As confident as by now almost globally active #FridaysForFuture movement or the rebellion of American opponents of arms in #MarchForOurLives may be, they and all similarly motivated organizations are running against a currently insurmountable obstacle. Those who have not yet lost all moral values and see a humane and viable future in danger, will have their hands tied at a certain point. Whether they are fighting for environment, climate or animals, they need support at the responsible levers for change: politics.

Although the voices of any resistance have swollen to an unmistakable volume, they all bounce off regulatory powers. Since their inhibition thresholds for hypocrisy are extremely low, they ride the populist waves unashamedly as long as they profit from them. Their weak backbones they let themselves be strengthened in the background by the economy and its lobbyists, which is why all protests continue to bite their teeth out. As is well known, politicians are masters at sitting out demands that are unpleasant for them and have a protective film against people’s requests. However, they have a perfidious mastery of vote catching and even in the shark tank they still catch the fattest chunks of fish. They fish unscrupulously in foreign waters.

Everywhere the respective politics have led to the status quo. From their point of view, to expect the existing staff to act erratically borders on treason. After all, they have pulled the cart here, convinced they are on the right track. If they could think and act differently, they would have taken a different path from the beginning or would have turned off in time. Redirecting them is therefore impossible. Viewed objectively, such a request is only a negative example of naivety.

The fact is that all willingness to change has no political equivalent, or in other words: there is no eligible political party/group that represents the interests of change and acts in their interests. There is certainly no party that is interested in or promotes such issues out of its own accord.

No, not even the Greens. All current parties are doing what they can best: hanging their flags in the wind. With their professional polemics they skillfully turn it in their direction. More or less, depending on the need. This may be reprehensible, but it is a well-known custom. Shamelessly taking over the opposing forces, on the other hand, is a recently revived development. It is easy to contradict the general consensus. Despite, or perhaps because of, its own lack of content, this destructive parasitism is very popular. Ideally, inferiority complexes should be covered up with simply structured patterns. In this way, excessive demands can be avoided, achieve rapid dissemination and are assimilated more quickly. Such flows are too not and for nothing an alternative, are good for nothing and are simply useless and superfluous.

Anyone with honorable intentions who wants to bring about changes that are essential to life is in a lost position. Worldwide tendencies rather show that any effort will remain hopeless in the future. What sounds absurd is bitter reality. Democracy actually means that people have a choice. But in reality there is no heavyweight independent of the establishment. A choice between plague or cholera is therefore an indictment of the political world structure.

Due to the ongoing disastrous situation, in which there are no signs of improvement, sooner or later the system changers will wear themselves out. All movements fail because of the unwillingness or inability to blow up the framework from within, instead of just poking their noses bloody from the outside. They must finally realize that no new orientation is to be expected from the present party spectrum. Even in the supposedly rebellious young organizations, blood flows within the party. No matter where in the world, if no political force of its own is formed from the rebellion, all their efforts so far will have been in vain. Only if they themselves grow into an eligible alternative can they really make a difference. In a democracy this is not only possible, it is the only way.

Until then, there is no alternative in the voting booth.

Translated with the help of Deepl

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