Voluntary Slaves

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In the tendency of people to rise above others and use them to their own advantage up to the pain threshold, behavior of Gig-Economy is neither surprising nor unexpected. In each one of us there is a tendency to slavery and to consider others worthless enough to take full control of them.

The manner of these delivery services shows what a disgusting spirit there is and what scum can be found in such positions. But the other side is much more scandalous. Is it now so bad for us that such practices can prevail again? More decisive, however, is the question, with all our knowledge, why for hell do people go into these catches at all? Why do you do that?! With this you legitimize these shameful machinations and the development of more.

And how silly is it to first voluntarily go to hell and then complain that it is hot there? You are not ticking quite right! Where is your self-respect?! If they don’t find slaves, the would-be rulers must either get to it themselves – which is unlikely – or rethink their plan or step into the barrel – where it was probably best taken care of from the beginning. There is no need to search for something like conscience with the slave owners. The free space was completely atrophied and stuffed with printed paper. Therefore they are able to be proud of their wretchedness.

If the need is so great, slavery is not the solution. Have we lost all decency and respect, even for ourselves? Are we no longer able to treat each other humanely or are we no longer interested in it? Or was it (finally) driven out successfully? Since protectors of citizens have been making pacts with the hyenas, every decay is progressing with seven-league boots. Alarming prospects for the future.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google

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