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Injustice happens every day, all the time and everywhere. On a small scale, as on a grand scale. In serious circles as well as in dubious ones anyway. Through all layers and structures, without exception. Always consciously and indirectly approving possible consequences, the actual action may not have been intentionally hurtful. Mostly, however, its application is willful.

Tolerated by the public simply out of ignorance, in the haze of the knowing mostly out of fear. Looking away usually saves a lot of inconvenience. Especially the material ones are feared and are tried to prevent by all means. And as long as injustice does not affect you, you think you are on the safe side.

Just wouldn’t obscure objects crawl out of any corner with conscience pointing to gaping wounds with unbearable persistence. #Whistleblowers are annoying and are branded as traitors because they expose the dirty grease with which apparently well-oiled systems run. A widespread view is that as long as nobody recognizes the damage caused and/or suffers from it, the lid could have stayed on the pot. After all, everything worked fine until …

If you specifically asked, nobody wants to be lied to, cheated or deceived and basically everybody welcomes such disclosures, but without them …

Such tremors are unpopular and disturb the dull everyday life, which is challenging enough. Although the explosiveness and scope of uncovered scandals are well noted and detectors are respected, there is a lack of support from the legislature. In addition to actual disclosures, there are also glaring gaps elsewhere. If reported injustice is usually justiciable, the reporters are left out in the rain without conscience. This is the responsibility of the executive, who maintain questionable connections with the perpetrators or are culprits themselves. That is why there is only very limited motivation to consider changes at all.

If most societies are tamed by countless laws, original truthfulness ultimately fails because of the politically responsible. If their unwillingness to protect whistleblowers is already shameful, they undermine additional respect by willfully twisting the context. Due to their position they do not shy away from overstretching the bow. They ignore the damage caused by the psychological effect as usual. Rather, they consciously aim to unsettle. The more the injustice committed, the less assessable the personal consequences are for the conscientious. The insecurity of being left alone is supposed to generate fear and act as a deterrent.

This sponginess turns the already dangerous tightrope walk into an unpredictable tightrope walk. Now everyone is thinking twice about leaving solid ground to climb to shaky heights. Who likes to enter unknown terrain when there could be numerous predators and traps lurking there?

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning are the most famous faces of conscientious people.

Paradise Papers, Panama Papers, LuxLeaks, Football Leaks the most well-known discoveries of shocking machinations.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, Ján Kuciak are the best-known names of executed journalists.

Protection and gratitude for the former? Nothing. Instead, inhuman punishments without conviction. Judged by the arbitrariness of political power. Consciencelessly subjugated and outlawed, politicians drag honest actions into the dirty gutter.

Consequences and punishments from the second? Nothing. A bit flimsy actionism and a lot of distraction, which led to quick forgetting. Irresponsible politicians give absolution to unscrupulous actions.

Results by third? Mostly nothing. Caused by those opacities to be uncovered, which even violent suppression is considered appropriate.

The much vaunted rule of law has been eroded. Sacrificed to the machinations of a parallel world. Therefore the installation of a thin layer of leadership over the remaining resources, including human resources, seems close to its completion. For where an injustice is committed, it inevitably leads to more. Cause and effect is the principle according to which all life on this earth functions and takes place. This cannot be prevented, reversed or hidden. It can only be suppressed, which also includes distraction.

In this respect, whistleblowers uncover more than they probably intended.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google

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