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Together overcoming greed before it kills us.


Dear visitors

my native language is German, I can't change anything about that. But to limit all contents to this circle of readers contradicts my global way of thinking. There are certainly more people with similar intentions who just don't understand my language. In addition, only the widest possible dissemination will do justice to the topics.

Equipped with some skills, linguistic talent is unfortunately not one of them. Even concerning programming I fail reliably. Therefore, internet services manage the translations. In English, my modest knowledge is at least sufficient to check the results. However, with Spanish I'm hopelessly lost.

Please do not take insufficient translations as disrespectful. I can't do better.

Everyone is invited and may feel addressed to correct texts translated from German. These are plain HTML files that can be easily downloaded. Affected areas can then be improved here, whereby the structure itself is retained. Results can then be sent to me as a mail attachment.

This invitation also applies to languages ​​that are not yet available, because a corresponding expansion is planned. First more European, but also other languages, such as Hindi, are definitely desired. Anyone who thinks the content is valuable, that it should be accessible in as many languages ​​as possible and would like to support me voluntarily, is welcome to contact me by e-mail. Any help is welcome.

Thank you for your interest.