Totalitarian World

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Everywhere, authorities are oppressing their people more and more. In different manifestations, but unmistakable. First they give themselves as longed-for saviors and philanthropists, in order to get out the truncheons hidden behind their backs after a successful election. With servitude and one-sided redistributions they cover their country, only celebrated by the submissive followers who hope to profit from the advantages. But whoever sows violence reaps violence. Consciencelessly, the dreadful creature aggressiveness drives its ugly claws into society and feeds on the damage done. Why?

Simply dismissing it as power horniness no longer does justice to developments. Rather, progress and behavior drift apart. The more high-tech the former becomes, the more primitive the latter becomes. Instincts long believed to have been overcome are pushing their way from the depths of our evolution to the front row. Values and ways of dealing that have been painstakingly built up and have been described as human in their origin are mercilessly chased away.

Especially now, when calls for more equality and care are growing louder, they seem to be inciting fears of loss. If loss and fear can be emotionally challenging on their own, their connection quickly becomes unbearable. Countermeasures are activated like reflexes. Every possession must be defended with all means. Lawfulness is not at issue here because, according to our claim, everything always belongs to us for our well-being. Those who threaten this will be fought. Even if it is the neighbor with whom we have always got along well. There are no friends in the battle for the benefices, only enemies.

Worldwide falling barriers displease the mighty more and more. First they force globalization on us and now they are surprised to find out what hard bandages are in use here and that their own players are increasingly falling behind. In the war of profits no prisoners are made, but destroyed, which places itself in the way. It is easy to see how the forces are distributed around the world. But instead of looking for progressive solutions, lower instincts are given in and the claws are extended.

Only those who position themselves as opponents are immune to this activation. Whoever stands up for an open and peaceful world is an outright enemy. Who thinks beyond that of future generations and acts accordingly prudently, thus betraying his own taking of advantage, must reckon with serious complications for his life. The more cosmopolitan people become noticeable, the more nervous the other side becomes and strengthens its defensive measures. While the former take care of everyone, the latter only takes care of themselves.

How easy it is to ignite supposedly comfortable structures is shown by the already existing majority. Government princes no longer have to formulate complicated demands, but only press the right buttons. Discrimination, control, suppression and demarcation are a simple language that everyone understands. Of course, this always means only one point of view: from one’s own point of view – “everything for me, nothing for the others”. This also applies to each other, which is why people are divided everywhere.

Globally, a dangerous course has been embarked upon, the effects of which are pushing back unmistakable signs. Fascinated, we hunt technical developments from climax to climax without understanding the underlying danger. Arrogant, we cling to the dogma of being able to control everything. We continue to let ourselves be dictated by the maxim that the economy must grow indefinitely without questioning this. Obvious untruths are believed when they support the threats previously put forward.

Dictatorship and slavery are on the rise, even if it is carefully avoided calling them so. It is only a matter of standing on the supposedly right side.

The political powers are stirring up this fight for distribution, only to be careful not to fall under their own wheels. So that they do not sink, they sharpen their knives. Because, of course, they do not dirty their own hands, they stir up their people and spread destructive hatred over them. Form and dosage do not matter, the main thing is that it has an effect.

The success of this development lies in the success of its cause: peaceful prosperity eats its children. Man is overwhelmed with the complexity he has created himself and yearns for simplified structures. Instigated by himself, he becomes a victim of his own holiness. However, the interrelations exceed all those who are able to think beyond their heads. Violence is then based on the frustration of not being able to deal with one’s own inner conflicts.

The simple fact that we are all equal and that our basic needs are identical makes totalitarian desires for domination impossible and is therefore successfully expelled.

The greatest danger is hidden in the momentum that is absorbed and nourished by the frictions that are generated. Stopping this is becoming increasingly hopeless. Constructive counter-movements, such as #FridaysForFuture, unintentionally deepen the trenches. The necessary changes exceed the imagination of rooted and hardened ideologies. Implementation would mean hell, which is therefore prevented by all means. If one were to deny one’s own small-mindedness, one would already lack the cognitive faculty to do so.

What is difficult to discern in the processes taking place are the weak points with the most comprehensive power: politicians* inside. Through mud battles against their peers, they have eliminated any inhibitions and established a rude way of dealing with each other. This is precisely why populist screamers are most heard. In an absurd way, it nourishes a paradox: the call for a strong leadership hand.

Solutions would be obvious if one thought about the inherent reason instead of having it stolen. However, killing swings up to the ultimate satisfaction, to the maximum stimulus, as the peak of power, with which our peculiarity is nothing more than a lie, a self-deception: humanity.

Probably evolution will judge it. That it is accompanied by painful teachings may belong together inextricably.

We can be different. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached maturity for this.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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