To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

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I can’t remember if I’ve ever caught a bad flu. Statistically very likely, but it has not been immortalized in the memory. Under parental supervision, I was probably also given regular vaccinations. But I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for that. Which almost makes you guess that I have no idea when I was last vaccinated. Of course I have a vaccination card. There are only entries for vacation trips 1993/95. If I have received any vaccinations since then, I have no evidence. In the past, I wasn’t particularly keen on this type of documentation. In short, neither flu nor vaccination. Whether I was just lucky to catch one or whether I benefit from the fact that others get vaccinated and thus do not transmit viruses is beyond my knowledge. Basically, however, I am not an opponent of vaccination, even if I hate injections like the plague.

And now Corona. For over a year, the virus has kept the world in suspense, demanding more from us than we ever imagined. We are pretty good at it, and steadily improve, to ignore increasing violence and social coldness. But the strain of the pandemic exceeds the limits of many of us. A completely overtaxed political leadership makes the situation unnecessarily difficult. Only then did it develop into a never-ending disease. Previous claims about incompetent politicians are now confirmed beyond doubt. We would certainly have gladly waived this satisfaction. The statement is significant, even if it is not currently in the foreground.

This tangled situation is now to be solved by various vaccines. Regardless of their different modes of action, permanent praise and perceived pressure, the circumstances must by no means be neglected.

It usually takes about eight years to develop a vaccine for approval. Rather ten, under five in no case. Six vaccines have now been developed within one year and pushed through the approval process. Although the coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) proves to be extremely tenacious and also very mutation-friendly. How is this possible? Can we suddenly perform miracles?

While China tried to cover up or at least downplay the outbreak of a devastating disease, the rate of infection belied them. Research laboratories around the world abandoned everything that highlighted the potential danger that they had identified. To believe that this was done for altruistic motives would be naive. The pharmaceutical companies behind it quickly realized that an immense treasure had opened up before their eyes. According to the laws of the market, the fastest would get the largest piece of the pie. As the pandemic spread rapidly, political and social pressure grew. Although this increased profits, it also forced researchers to leave the comfort zones of their capabilities.

Sure, a closely related virus (Sars-CoV-1) prompted researchers to investigate it as early as 2002/2003. However, the virus disappeared again very quickly and the companies stopped all activities with no prospect of profit. Basic knowledge for the current virus type therefore possibly existed. Nevertheless, the short development time is suspicious.

There is one thing in particular that people don’t like to talk about and tend to ignore completely: human fallibility. Yes, nobody wants to hear that and even less want to be accused. But it is precisely this ignorance that makes it all the more dangerous. Most of them know that mistakes happen especially under pressure. They are simply inevitable.

In short: the developments in vaccines were broken over the knee.

Meanwhile vaccinated millions of times worldwide without worrying abnormalities, the vaccines could be described as successful. Really? I will not allow this superficial conclusion, born out of necessity, to be dictated to me. I don’t want to discredit or fuel conspiracy theories. However, considering human nature, I allow myself to doubt the processes and results.

There are reasons why vaccine development always takes many years. Are these no longer valid or have they been wacked out in a strange way? Or the other way around: If several vaccines can suddenly be conjured up out of the hat, why has it taken so long up to now? How many lives have been sacrificed unnecessarily because so much time was taken? But perhaps greed for profit is also tearing down barriers that are otherwise responsible for longer development times? Inhibition thresholds are expressly included.

Of course, official bodies assure the safety of the vaccines and put their reputation in the balance. Researchers and scientists have certainly given their best according to the requirements. Nobody will have worked deliberately dubiously, at least I assume. It should have been more than clear to all those involved that the world is watching their fingers. But they are also the ones who can most easily – and first – talk their way out of anything that goes wrong. By pointing to the circumstances, they will wriggle out of possible allegations harmlessly. Those who trusted and hoped will have to suffer. Who relied on those who took an oath to protect them. Who hoped that their mouths would not be filled with empty promises as usual.

At the moment it seems to be going as expected and I don’t like to paint the buck on the wall. But the naivety that is displayed dismisses me.

Everywhere people long for an end to the action they are exposed to through incompetent politics. Tired of everything, they thirst for solutions, which is why they uncritically reach for anything that supposedly saves them from dying of thirst. Understandable, because undesirable developments in society in the last few decades are now increasingly emerging and placing an additional burden on everyone’s life.

What now comes as a rescue is highly complex chemistry. No, I don’t know anything about that. But I don’t need to, because this is not a scientific analysis. But I accuse everyone of lying who at this point in time claims to know all the consequences of the chemical and biological processes triggered by the vaccines. Because what I really understand is how humans tick.

Glyphosate was also hailed until it was discovered the widespread damage it does. Now, for example, if one of the vaccines causes men and/or women to become infertile in five years, what then? Those responsible will shrug their shoulders in disinterest and reject the guilt. Or with one of the other vaccines, a new type of cancer will start to form in three years, what then? The pharmaceutical industry will be happy to finally find new sources of income.

And we, the trial victims? We will be fobbed off with the fact that not all risks could be assessed at the required speed, that unexpected reactions can always appear over the course of the process and that ultimately no drug is without side effects.

Or in short: bad luck.

Yes, I too am tired of it. Disastrous politics and ignorant people are extremely annoying. Luckily, isolation is easy for me, is rather a blessing. To be able to plan concerts, the zoo or any future activities at all is something I slowly miss too. However, I will not let a half-baked chemical cocktail be chased into my body for this. The price is still too high for me. It’s like driving a car up a steep slope, but blindfolded. No, without me, I’m too attached to my life for that. First and foremost, I do not distrust the vaccines themselves, but the profit-driven and corrupt systems. Maximum pressure is generated for maximum profits, which almost provokes errors. Unscrupulously they also go over corpses. People prove their disregard for life, including nature, every day. Egocentrically, they are only interested in their own well-being. That’s why I keep my hands off it – at least for now.

In the majority autocratic and totalitarian traits accelerating. Skepticism and personal opinion are a thorn in their side. So of course I find myself in a lost position. To make matters worse, I may end up in an obnoxious environment, which prefers to use populist resistance to incite limited individuals against the rest in order to build up their own power. Legitimate criticism turns into a dangerous game, which will silence them more and more. A worrying trend.

With more prudent politics and less stupid people, whose denial keeps the pandemic alive, we could have managed this crisis better and kept the social damage within limits. But that’s just as unlikely as conjuring safe vaccines out of the hat.

I would be relieved if I were wrong. I’m not interested in being right or manifesting something wrong. The whole way of dealing with this phenomenon raises a lot of questions. Overall, behaviors are revealed that give little courage for future developments. But gloomy prospects can be changed – through us. But are we capable of it?

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google