The wrong election 2021

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This is the continuation of the article The right election 2021 which we recommend reading before.

As a governing coalition SPD and The Greens laid the foundation for social division in 2001 with Agenda 2010. At that time, the great fraud and sellout of the working classes was initiated and an apparatus full of lies was installed. Masked with a lot of nice talk at the beginning, the extent and consequences were not even remotely comprehensible. The resulting antisocial policies, which contributed to the rise of the brown brood, can no longer be hidden.

In Hamburg, SPD and The Greens are also responsible for the deaths of numerous homeless people in the winter of 2020/2021, preferring to let them freeze to death on the streets in icy winter days than accommodate them in hotels, youth hostels or other facilities that were empty due to the Corona pandemic. Moreover, now that they are allowed to co-govern, The Greens support the deepening of the Elbe, which they otherwise fought against.

Similar to Stuttgart, where the green candidate of its time wanted to stop the construction of the underground through station. A lie, as everyone knows. Nor is there any other green signature to be found in the automobile state of Baden-Württemberg. Instead, there were even calls for the purchase premium, which was relaunched in 2020, not to be limited to electric vehicles, but to promote combustion engines as well. More betrayal of green policy is not possible.

There is no doubt that the #FridaysForFuture movement is very convenient for the Greens. They playfully let themselves be carried along by the wave and adapt its contents as a matter of course. Instrumentalizing the youth movement for one’s own benefit may be reprehensible, but it is likely to be widely understood. Selfishness is a natural characteristic. When public attention is focused almost entirely on the #climatecrisis (the corona pandemic excluded), detrimental positions are quickly lost from view. The leadership bluntly formulated the party’s claim to power. However, anyone who wants to govern must come to terms with the economy. The last 20 years have shown how far their neoliberal demands deviate from social-democratic requirements. As a partner of the SPD from 1998 to 2005, social commitments of The Greens are not credible.

Even if the CSU is only electable in Bavaria, it infiltrated the government with incomprehensible incompetence in the last legislative periods. They have cost us citizens billions in squandered tax money. Without remorse or insight. Allegedly transport ministers all shone throughout with their appalling incompetence.

Secret agreements behind the scenes have given another flop a surprising rise. A new position was specially created and equipped with its own staff. Since then, the country has been wondering what value it received in return for the taxpayers’ money. Apart from a few laughs, the Minister of State for Digital Affairs has not delivered anything worth counting.

The CDU has a particularly black sheep in its ranks. More precisely, Aue, which is the correct name for female sheep. The Minister of Agriculture is very concerned about many things and she takes care of all kinds of wellbeing in a touching way. However, none of this has anything to do with protection or respect for animals and nature. She shamelessly offers herself as a compliant assistant to unscrupulous profiteers and does not care in the least about the abuse of her office. She unconscionably feigns concern about environmental destruction to every camera, only to pave all the way for its expansion. While the majority of her colleagues are merely unsustainable, she establishes a new dimension: the most disgusting piece of politics ever experienced. Only suitable as a deterrent.

The Federal Minister of Economics is hardly less despicable. To crawl so deeply into asses of the economy is disgusting. Quite apart from the fact that neither foresight nor prudence are possible from this. He blatantly demonstrates his contempt for the common people. He licks boots of those who mercilessly squeeze resources like a sponge – including people. More and more profit, more and more exploitation; making the rich richer at any price is obviously his motto. Corruption begins in the mind and does not require direct favors, as this repulsive example shows.

Colleagues from the CDU/CSU alliance recently showed few scruples in receiving financial benefits. In addition to bribery, they also tried to smuggle the money past the tax authorities. Whether one regards the procedures now as tax evasion or black work, we are severely punished for it. Georg Nüßlein tries to take himself out of the line of fire, Philipp Amthor shows not a shred of remorse and Nikolas Löbel is publicly annoyed, but not about the bribe money, but about being caught. Since the donation affair of the over father Kohl the felt became presentable in black party circles. (Addition: Nüßlein and Löbel have found a spark of decency somewhere and resigned their offices. Without honor and morals Amthor was even chosen as the top candidate and is supposed to carry the decay at the federal level).

These chilling figures alone justify the circulating hashtag #NieMehrCDU.

On the subject of mendacity and betrayal, another look at the SPD is essential. In the campaign for the 2017 federal election, the then leader of the Young Socialists (Jusos) had caused a tremor within the party. Under the slogan Never again Groko he mobilized an unmistakable movement that could not be ignored. Then he was offered the position of deputy party chairman and he quickly turned around 180 degrees. The present situation made excuses easy, but documents the party’s lack of character. Another unmistakable sign of the loss of support among the population is the decline in membership. Especially in recent years, members have been leaving the party almost by flight. From a good 1 million in 1990, their number has dropped to about 400,000 today. A debacle for a party that claims to be a people’s party.

In addition to social aspects, it is essential to take a look at digitization in Germany. A hair-raising picture emerges when dealing with the technical possibilities. Despite their obvious half-knowledge, politicians feel eager to let their surveillance fantasies run wild. They are always talking out of their asses because the balancing act between security and freedom they are selling is harebrained nonsense. They blatantly flirt with the widespread collection of biometric data and the undermining of encryption. Power thirsts for control and boils politicians’ heads.

Regardless, the willful procrastination of digital expansion is pure refusal to work. All assurances proved to be the usual empty shells. The latest promise to complete the rollout by 2025 has been cancelled and postponed until 2030. A single disgrace, because by then Germany will be completely left behind and have gambled away any role it may be given in Europe and the world. Failed miserably.

Briefly, the scandals around #CumEx and #Wirecard should be mentioned, which were only facilitated by apathy of CDU and SPD. This was not without consequences for one of the central figures in this intrigue: he was chosen as the SPD’s candidate for chancellor. Blunders are now rewarded in politics. It should also not be overlooked and forgotten that none of the responsible top managers is still in jail for the outrageous fraud in the #Dieselskandal in this country. The only one that the USA got hold of or was sacrificed from here has almost served his prison sentence of 7 years. A few decades ago politicians resigned voluntarily because of marginal misconduct. Nowadays the rulers have neither respect nor decency and cling to their jobs. For this reason alone, fresh staff is required

What seems like the inability of individuals, for which the respective party should not be held liable as a whole, reveals only the tip of the iceberg. The systemic failure slumbers ominously in the depths and waits for us to feel its devastating effect. Incompetent self-promoters have steered us into dangerous waters. We drift along clueless. Nobody knows what unnecessary effort will be required to avert more devastating consequences.

Crosses on the FDP and AfD are forbidden by themselves. Every word about these two is a waste. Whoever proclaims the ability to think for himself will not fall for their corrosive agitations. Decency and morality have been badly damaged. Respect for ourselves and life in general should prevent anyone from abandoning humanity, which would mean their choosing them.

And now? Not a bit smarter, only more irritated, the conclusion is what? Finally, the ominous election 2021 will take care of that.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google

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