The right election 2021

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Older citizens used to vote, and probably still do, completely committed to tradition. They bravely carried the cross of their parents and grandparents through their own lives. Nobody needs to come up with reason or even arguments. For these generations, a change would not only be tantamount to a betrayal of their past, but would also be perceived as an accusation of having made a mistake so far. This is followed by total closure and nothing would be achieved. This reaction, however, is not based on the stubbornness usually attributed to age. Rather in the weakening will and/or abilities to use the grey cells in the head, with increasing uncertainty at the same time. The susceptibility to be taken in by fraudsters speaks a clear language. Stubbornness would probably rather act for its own protection and expose specious stories as such. Ultimately, political promises of entrenched color hit the target unfiltered here, while everything else bounces off rigorously.

Younger generations grew up in a more interconnected world. However, a far-sighted mind is not automatically associated with this. Quite the opposite, in addition to family-influenced borders now the rising pressure of more aggressively acting, social and economic requirements. The available vastness, with all its inflowing influences, causes anxiety. Like an endangered snail, people crawl frightened into their snail shells. But instead of sticking its nose out again at some point and courageously exploring new things, it barricades itself in and builds up its defenses.

The few who see opportunities, but also impending dangers and committed devotedly pay a high price for this commitment. Instead of being taken seriously and respected, obsessed, rabid beasts hunt them down. Trapped in a limited world, their activities are reduced to making life hell for those who think differently.

What these remarks have to do with the upcoming elections this year? Well, all disastrous developments are of course based on conditions set by the politically responsible staff. The same, however, regularly hides cowardly behind allegedly economic requirements, which comprehensively describes their presence. Politics has turned completely into a puppet theater. Figures led by the economy play all kinds of fairy tales for us citizens. Unnoticed, democracy is being undermined and oligarchy is nesting under its guise.

The vast majority of people are probably familiar with a few striking failures. However, it is doubtful whether the right connections are always seen and/or conclusions drawn. Past elections would have produced different results. Unfortunately, the popular saying, learn from mistakes, proves to be a hollow phrase, as usual. Moreover, under the aggravating conditions of a Corona pandemic that has been rampant since 2020, objective decision-making is unlikely to take place. Emotion dominates all events worldwide. Feelings, however, turn off rationality. The future mutates into a suspect plaything that rolls unimpeded toward the end of the line in the current state of mind.

A different election outcome in 1998 would result in a different society today. From today’s perspective, the mistake of that time can be clearly felt in all areas of life. Many people may regret their vote. But do they learn from it? Even with the Internet, it is not possible to look into the heads of politicians to expose their hypocritical promises. But what can be expected of mature adults is to evaluate past and present actions under global and, above all, human perspective.

It’s true that, viewed in this light, current parties are performing more or less poorly to miserable. The popular comparison between plague and cholera is pretty accurate. Not voting at all therefore sounds like a sensible solution. Rejecting the status quo and punishing it by withdrawing votes sounds understandable. However, denial is the dumbest mistake not to consider now of all times. There will be winners, and probably the very ones you don’t want to be told about at the moment. Who refuses, capitulates. Loses all along the line. In front of yourself, yourself and the future at the same time.

The wrong course was set in the past and led to devastating developments. This can easily be summed up with a clear look. Changing lanes now needs courage to leave the beaten track. New territory can only be discovered by those who dare to venture through possibly unfamiliar terrain beforehand. Even what is currently big once started out tiny.

Only fearful people crawl cowardly in their burrow and reach for every weapon to keep everything strange and undesirable away from them. With this mentality, our ancestors would hardly have left their place of origin in Africa and populated now the entire planet. In contrast, this limited attitude led to two world wars, genocides, devastating civil wars and everyday power slaughter. Strangely enough, this right-wing nationalist filth, stinking of fear sweat, is increasing everywhere. Value-less creatures thirst for egocentric dominance. Their efforts are defined by eradicating everything that is not recognized by them. Only what is docile and useful is tolerated. To rise above everything is their only content. Hate their motivation and violence their valve. Their narrowness collides with openness and activates animal roots. Reduced to instincts, thinking no longer takes place.

A future worth living thrives only under social conditions. Community includes not only the human point of view, but just all life on earth. We humans possess the necessary intelligence and enough knowledge to understand that this world is a complex organism and only as a whole provides the functioning basis on which all living things depend.

A sense of responsibility is more crucial than ever before. Not to reproach others for mistakes made, but to correct them together. Dealing with accusations alone is counterproductive. It only fuels harmful ideologies and gives a boost to those who turn fear into hatred, agitation and violence. They feast on their willing followers and shamelessly exploit their weaknesses.

Regardless of the extreme margins, mistakes made that also contributed to their development must not be ignored. No extensive analysis is required for this. It is enough to look at the current state with as little bias as possible. The challenge consists in resisting influences and not letting oneself be determined by others. Mindlessly following the loudest slogans, because an inner urge feels addressed, impressively contradicts what we permanently put forward as our most outstanding characteristic: Intelligence. A thinking person does not allow himself to be seduced by cheap propaganda, but exposes it as such.

Of course, with the existing flood of information, this is anything but easy. But we have what is called common sense. This in turn is based on our human values, which make us what we are. It is everyone’s duty not to leave the field to the demagogues. And it is everyone’s job to ensure justice.

What is the right choice? Does it exist at all, or is it not just a matter of the least evil, as is usually the case? To whom do we owe the current situation? Already an answer to this question is purposeful. To refresh your memory, the sequel, The wrong election 2021, offers some assistance and food for thought.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google

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