The poison apple

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It is not for nothing that the once bitten apple awakens the connection to the – hopefully – well-known fairy tale of Snow White. As there, the local one is advertised with all kinds of seductive promises. The only difference is that nowadays there is no deep sleep, but the transformation into a soulless zombie. There is no other way to interpret widespread processes.

Completely overpriced products, which are still manufactured with the participation of minors in overtime, in spite of monotonous repetition to refrain from doing so. In addition, working conditions and wages are so unworthy that nobody from the oversaturated world would voluntarily expose them.

The outrageous winnings are hoarded with eagle eyes and the tiniest opportunity not to waste a penny is exhausted. The last coup was taking out a billion-dollar loan in their home country, although a grip on petty cash would have been enough for that. With this trick the profit there could be reduced. Again with the aim of not giving anything away. Unimaginable cash reserves are parked in countries that are largely free of taxes, whereby an oasis without any tribute to the money store is already being sought.

Certainly these deductions are awkward, but each individual is subject to them. It is a contribution to society as a whole, in which the community again participates in other ways. Those who only take, but do not want to give, are highly anti-social. A disgusting parasite.

Secret trickery is like that of a wicked thief. Shamelessly, without a hint of conscience, the victims are made aware of the polished goods. Laughed maliciously at everyone who bites and lets the cash registers ring. This fruit is served by a thoroughly ugly company. Cunning and despicable.

Critical voices are ignored or silenced and alleged free-riders are mercilessly crushed – money is easy for lawyers. Almost infamous it presents itself as a victim, because one would always act according to the law. It is cleverly covered up that greed for profit is far above social responsibility and participation – which are unknown foreign words. Despite all the abnormality, hopes for a civilized end are unfortunately in vain – too many have been poisoned in the meantime.

Translated with the help of Deepl

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