The perversion of intentions – 03

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Although it is always being claimed that humans are tough – preferably testosterone-flooded individuals – at the end they are just biological organisms. Despite his domination preciousness, even the largest mouth ape must bow to this fact. Human nature is confronted with far more harmful influences than is good for her. However, we have abilities and possibilities to keep dangers away from us.

On the other hand, we are idiotic enough to produce food with the addition of poisons and/or to consume it in unhealthy quantities. We like to believe that this is also for our own good, because the products are cheaper than healthier alternatives. In other words, because it makes more profit for the economy, we have got used to eating them. The cold-bloodedness of doing this to one’s fellow human beings should be mentioned here as a thought-provoking suggestion, but not carried out.

In order to prevent the damage from escalating uncontrollably, limit values have at least been set for substances of concern and have been made mandatory in regulations. Not only directly consumed substances (e.g. mercury) are affected, but also externally acting substances (e.g. nitric oxide NO²). What sounds like reasonable regulations for all sides, nevertheless has a loser. Because of its sacred position, everything dances to its tune, especially when obstacles stand in the way of its development. No, profit is not to be trifled with.

If the economy starts its lament about the lack of development potential, politicians will stand at attention and thank them for the given instructions to adjust obstructive limits. Which of course means increasing and spitting in front of all scientific knowledge. Exemplary perversion of intentions.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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