The perversion of intentions – 02

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It happened in 1998, when the acting minister of the environment stated that she would not introduce a CO² tax. She trusted in the voluntary commitment of the industry, which promised a 3-liters car. Already at that time a reduction of CO² by 25 % until 2005 was decided and experts advised the tax. 21 years later it was announced from the ranks of the CDU that they did not want to rush to simple solutions. The perversion of intentions revealed itself in the name of the former minister: Angela Merkel.

Over the years, 20 % of the railway lines were closed down and hundreds of kilometers of new roads were built. The railways have not been neglected, they have shrunk to nothing. As a state-owned enterprise, it had no choice but to give way to the car industry – including heavy goods traffic. As a reward for billions of dollars in profits and rich profits for greedy managers and insatiable shareholders, the car bosses installed a cunning fraud system. But instead of those responsible pondering behind Swedish curtains about their wayward character, the ordinary citizen pays the bill.

Now, out of the blue, another climate crisis has appeared, climate change, and politicians have been caught off guard. A well-developed and reliably functioning rail network could help to overcome the challenges that the government recently set itself in the Paris Agreement. But now it is not only necessary to dig deep into one’s pockets, but also to make up for lost time in a jolt.

Sufficient investment in the railways would not only have created many jobs but would also have helped to protect the climate. It’s true that grandiose announcements are still being made, but the car industry is once again being promoted with great publicity. Of all industries, the one that has not overslept the connection to e-mobility, but actively ignored it, wants to rise from nothing to become a pioneer. The state is donating bonuses for people switching over to e-mobility. In other words, it is the taxpayer who pays the bonus himself. The winners are the manufacturers who profit from the unplanned car purchases.

So what about CO²? Take it easy and don’t rush things.

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