The perversion of intentions – 01

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Well-intentioned and badly done, that’s one thing. Nothing meant and can be done, the other. While the first expresses independence, the second represents dependence. Control or be controlled. The perverse is now the twisting of activities, so that the unsuspecting are confused and lose control next to the overview.

Mistakes are allowed, even desirable for learning effects, as long as no irreparable damage is caused. Trying over studying, how the wisdom of last conclusion is trumped into us early on. In practice, weaknesses are revealed that can lead to successful developments.

However, a reinterpretation into facts bursting with errors is not simply a lie, but intended manipulation. Such psychological methods are used by those who want to trigger and stir up the power of negative emotions in unstable characters. Only for the satisfaction of selfish motives. To create discord in order to refresh oneself from the hatred aroused and to abuse its destructive powers for an end in itself. Like a too slow sprinter who gives his opponents legs to win.

The opinion of autocratic leaders about their stupid sheep was proven by the appearance of the Austrian Vice Chancellor. Not more than slaughter cattle for feeding themselves. But those who expected a loud outcry of indignation remained speechless about its absence. Affectionate bearing comes into its own with lower instincts and is cheered submissively.

Citizens are familiar with broken promises from politics. It is frightening that the frustration is now enough to let untruths numb the senses. If common sense is abandoned, regret ends where it becomes an escalating danger for the community. This ulcer must be dealt with decisively in order to contain its spread.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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