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The crux of the cross

Politics • 29.04.2021 • Reading time ~ 5 min.

It's enough to make your hair stand on end. It has long been impossible to endure the political situation sober. Those who are averse to alcohol, the cruel reality is served pure every day. One would like to run far away. But where to? If you look around the world, the catastrophic developments are similar. The only differences is the distance passed on the wrong path. So what's the point of voting anywhere? Does it make any sense at all if one can only decide between different gradations of evil? If the cart hits the wall at full speed, model or color doesn't matter.

The crux of the matter is that politicians are fooling us and, as always, promise us the moon. As usual, we fall for it because we have no other choice. It honors the electorate to hold on to the hope that something could change with today's cross. They bravely ignore that there are just heaps of disappointments waiting for us. Consternated we can then experience how bad things can get worse. Why does the political assortment resemble a rummage table on which the most disgusting plagues are placed?

There is a simple and sad answer to this and all the questions that were not asked: the system.

We, including the parties, operate within the narrow limits of the structures we have created. Everything takes place within this framework. Even dictatorships are subject to its rules. Politicians merely adjusts the screws that suit them in order to differentiate themselves from others. In their self-preoccupation, they miss how far they have distanced themselves from those whose representatives they are supposed to be. But apart from the designation, they no longer fulfill its meaning. At least on this point there is consensus in the color spectrum. Social cracks and their effects no longer penetrate the political sphere. Before elections, only populist issues that one hopes will best benefit from are annexed. Afterward, these quickly become wastepaper, sometimes even turned into the opposite.

So don't make a cross? Indeed, that would be worth a try. Completely refusing to support politics should slap the jumping jacks so hard in the face for their failure that they lose sight and hearing. Only their hollow phrases and empty chatter will unfortunately not fall silent. However, this scenario is just as unlikely as stopping climate change or people treating each other with respect. After all, not a single cross should be made. This 100 % can never be achieved. Enough will argue that they like the policies of their favored party and see no advantage or sense in a total refusal.

So the loudest barkers who present their bite-sized offer will win? It's not as easy in this country as it is in the USA. But there are already signs of this trend. The electorate is still choosy, which makes it susceptible to all kinds of influences. Both positive and negative, which of course depends on your point of view. In principle, however, this system is much better and must be preserved. Without plurality, autocratic or totalitarian conditions threaten otherwise.

Lately, as usual, it is only about the smallest evil? It seems so, except that there are as many definitions for it as there are voters. Many of them are also trapped in habits. They stubbornly choose what they have always chosen. It takes extreme forces to change their mind. Others have recognized this and are now covering this need. To the chagrin of the moderate majority.

The bottom line is that only one thing counts: we! All of us as a unified community striving for a peaceful and livable future and for whom it is important to be treated with respect. If a party offers prospects for this, it can be given the chance to prove itself. On the other hand, anyone who sows hatred, considers aggression to be a suitable means and delights in inciting people against each other should be ostracized with absolute disregard. A destructive world of thought is not interested in building up. Because they cannot/want not to create anything themselves, only suppression counts for them in order to feel sublime.

In the end, the causal crux with the cross is not to vote for the supposedly right or best party, but in questioning problematic decisions of our fellows mutually in order to then stand up together for decent politics – side by side.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google. If passages are unfortunate translated or sentences are incorrectly worded so that they may even make a different sense, I am pleased to receive suitable hints. Thanks.