Suspended Dependents

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Brainwashing has been intensified over decades to vaccinate paternalism into human consciousness as excellent and advantageous but this has the loss of independence in its luggage, which is the primary aim of economy. Therefore people have to be permanently busy because they are trained to get their incentives from outside. If that stay out, they stumble through the area disorientated and threaten to fall into dark holes. Although the comfort is promoted, boredom must not occur under any circumstances, then they know nothing about themselves. If this occurs, a jam arises in their emotional world that seeks to be unloaded. Because the formed pressure is negatively polarized, its discharge can also only be negative. For this, violence is an ideal, proven and uncomplicated vehicle. Whether physical or verbal, does not matter, the main thing is to make it easier.

With the drug consumption effects can be controlled as far as possible and channelled quite well. The economy does much for it, in order to satisfy the need at addictive substances in each conceivable way. However an increased problem emerges, which grows on the one hand daily and is caused and fed on the other hand by the economy: Lack of money. The means of being able to participate in the constantly growing range of products and services are continually decreasing.

Like dealers, the economy tries to sell something on every corner to make our daily lives more bearable. Everything offered is supposed to serve only our well-being; our comfort; our user experience. And because we have been trickled into this like a prayer wheel, we not only believe this ourselves, but are convinced that this is the way it is, must be the way it is and that we want it to be the way we want it to be. Just as successful brainwashing should work. That’s why we don’t question it, or even less, don’t fight it. It would be like a fight against ourselves, against our own will, against our own decisions. Nobody does that.

As regrettable as it may be, the takeover of our brains has already achieved very far-reaching successes. Of course this is vehemently denied. Especially from the elites, who either consider themselves too intelligent or sit at the gears themselves. However the burgeoning nationalism is a consequence of these manipulations, under utilization of all factors in the interaction. If the addicts are deprived, a tiny spark is enough to ignite the most powerful impulse in us humans: Fear. Once this has been fueled, the firefighters have an easy time steering, shaping and spreading the fire. Fear eliminates rational thinking. Consideration has no place and there is no time for reason. Everyone is closest to himself.

With the spread of neoliberalism, this development was inevitable, especially because supposedly social parties betrayed their agenda to prostitute themselves as supporters. In this respect, current situations are not surprising. The path was mapped out and the results expected. On the other hand, it is questionable why the initiators overlooked the significance of their actions. Was this deliberately ignored? Or talked small? Or was one’s own arrogance and greed so great that warnings were thrown into the wind because one was convinced that one could control every conceivable situation? But as we all know, erring is human.

From a human perspective, one should assume that current tendencies are undesirable and that counteracting steps are being taken. After all, there would be a frighteningly simple solution: give people more money to satisfy the addictions initiated by the economy. Spread the existing masses of money more evenly and prevent the emergence of new divergences.

Of course, these suggestions have long been put forward by more important personalities, and yet the course will be maintained. It can therefore be assumed that everything is still on track. Which one? From whom? With which goals? In fact, in view of what is happening all over the world, profound questions arise. Since, however, obviously parallel habitats have emerged whose intermediate layers allow only a limited osmosis with selected components, they are likely to remain unanswered.

The last resort is true power on this planet: the earth itself. The self-proclaimed ruler always has a flush of anger in his face, and he has to nibble hard at his defeats, nature rebukes him. Nevertheless, he refuses to acknowledge this fact and challenges Mother Earth again and again. Only with the time-consuming reactions of the environment does the driven mankind find it difficult, which is why presented receipts reach only later generations, which are then understandably mightily angry.

Of course, we could also renounce indoctrinated dependencies and deal with the one true thing that always stands above everything else: Life. No, we don’t, but maybe other times more. Until then we can either continue to be misused as puppets or practice our own thinking. No, most people think, but they don’t. Why do I say that? A look at the world and a bit of humanity is enough.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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