Reform the system or fail

Together overcoming greed before it kills us.


Evolution is the engine of this world. All life on this planet follows this automatism. The aim of all efforts is to survive. In order to ensure this, change, i.e. permanent adaptation to the circumstances, is the only viable option. Since everything lives on this earth and is interwoven with each other, every deviating from this structure represents a danger for the same. Standstill is one of them. Disregarding the fundamental driving principle of development – cause and effect – is another. If both meet, this has catastrophic consequences for all life.

Humans are apparently unable to imagine this. Undeterred, they classify themselves as the center of this world and thus claim to be allowed to do everything that serves their own pleasure. Without natural enemies, however, only we ourselves can be the cause of all dangers. As a gigantic parasite, we are in the process of killing our host and, inevitably, ourselves. This realization is persistently denied. So how do you protect a species, which is the only one capable of destroying itself, from itself?

From caveman to moon traveler, mankind proudly describes it as a development of its kind. What a misconception. Convenience is not development. Prosperity has absolutely nothing to do with development. Wealth, and the increasingly uncompromising exploitation that goes with it, only has something to do with development insofar as it is the complete opposite. It could be described as a flawless minus development. Extinction as a result of human activity is not development.

We humans have placed our existence under the dictates of an artificial idol we have created: Money. We devotedly sacrifice everything to this soulless freak, regardless of losses. But these in turn threaten our existence. However, the system has mutilated our thinking in such a way that we ignore the dangers. No one wants to know about the damage we're doing. Of course, there are exceptions. But it is precisely in the crucial positions that the existing wrong course is being adhered to without any insight.

The system that threatens all of our lives can only be broken up from within, with the means it has created. People have to be shaken out of their waking comas and the border walls erected in their heads by the system have to be torn down. Everyone is born with an open mind. The system cannot erase this, only hide it behind thick walls, which is why our view is reduced to system-compliant aspects. In this way, the system ensures that we ignore its errors. We mutilate ourselves to endure our wrongdoing. What an idiocy.

Standing against the system is not only a Herculean task, but confronts you with a merciless opponent. A person with values against a system without them seems to be a hopeless constellation. In the case of small versus large, the image of David versus Goliath comes to mind. However, it only fits remotely, because its fairytale ending seems to be a utopian fiction in relation to reality. Don Quixote would be more appropriate, with similarly stubborn and steadfast opponents who apparently cannot be defeated.

However, is not about a fight. Especially not against the system, which is based on combat down to the most disgusting forms and which knows its battlefield in detail. Indeed, such a one would be as foolish as it was futile. The blog targets the originators who initiated it and keep it going: People. It appeals to everyone's intellect. In particular, to use it actively and independently again.

According to the principle of all life, cause and effect, it is important to show connections. Here the mirror is held up, so that the ugly counterpart initiates a rethink. Because disclosing wrong actions also reveals correct ones. After all, they are two sides of the same coin.

With the current system, the bad side is up. So why not turn around? Therein lies the challenge. Of course, another way of life is possible, but it is hidden and the current system does everything to preserve the state. A lot has been invested so that everything fits together as we know it. It should be clear that we are in a dictatorship. According to its structure, this form is always apolitical. Inevitably, therefore, there is also one on the other side. However, while at present the dogma no respect rules, its opponent is logically doing its service there: Respect. Incidentally, responsibility and truth are subsets of it, which is why both are to be looked for in vain in this world. Doesn't the question automatically become superfluous, which side is to be preferred?

It has been proven that mankind is moldable. The task can only be to convince them that they are on the wrong side of the coin and that reformatting is possible. In order to be able to achieve the necessary attention and impact, however, there is a lack of reach and capacity. The carousel spins loud and fast-moving. Appropriate tools are needed to keep up, to make people aware of their bondage and to free them from their lethargy.

Why then do people cling to the current system and remain here in inevitable misery? Fear or lack of imagination? One of many paradoxes that the blog is dedicated to.

Isn't funding an obvious choice here?

The usual donations may soothe the conscience (honestly?), but change what? Exactly, nothing.

The question shouldn't be the sense or the prospect of a system reform, but whether it's not time to correct the current wrong course? Speaking of time: we have long known that we humans have made it our enemy. The challenges are immense. But not to adopt them means to fail and to accept this consciously. This self-deception must be stopped.

Another irrefutable argument for promoting the blog.

Understandably, this blog does not favor newfangled parasite services, but relies on proven, old-fashioned methods. Cumbersome and complicated? Hardly, perhaps now unfamiliar, but respectful, because the data is not distributed uncontrolled around the world.

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Translated with the help of Deepl and Google. If passages are unfortunate translated or sentences are incorrectly worded so that they may even make a different sense, I am pleased to receive suitable hints. Thanks.