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Social #01

Capitalist education machinery

Social • 07.05.2021 • Reading time ~ 8 min.

There are only a few white spots around the world where capitalism has not yet found its way. Withdrawn indigenous peoples successfully keep the supposed civilization at bay. There are also some light gray dots. Also indigenous groups who live according to their tradition and only have rudimentary points of contact with the capitalist way of life to be taken over by it. The rest of the world map sinks into the deepest black. »» read more

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Social • 23.04.2021 • Reading time ~ 9 min.

I can't remember if I've ever caught a bad flu. Statistically very likely, but it has not been immortalized in the memory. Under parental supervision, I was probably also given regular vaccinations. But I wouldn't put my hand in the fire for that. Which almost makes you guess that I have no idea when I was last vaccinated. »» read more

Alien fear

Social • 21.02.2020 • Reading time ~ 3 min.

If our ancestors had been afraid of anything foreign back then, no nationalistically brown thin shit would be drooling over the countries today, but things would look quite different overall. If scientists digging into our past have so far been relatively certain that the cradle of humanity was in Africa, this thesis is increasingly faltering. Recent discoveries suggest that a central birthplace may be waste. »» read more

I'm not interested in

Social • 14.02.2020 • Reading time ~ 5 min.

The European Union (EU) is a confederation of currently 27 nations. After the withdrawal of Great Britain, almost 450 million people live within its borders. Minus approx. 20% for the under-16s, 360 million people are affected. 360 million decision-makers. »» read more

Global suicide

Social • 28.01.2020 • Reading time ~ 9 min.

What already sounds worrying in itself is multiplied by the fact that it is brought about less actively than by passivity. Lethargic ignorance automatically makes everyone an accomplice to a global assassination attempt, which stupidly enough also affects oneself. »» read more

Difficult being an American

Social • 13.01.2020 • Reading time ~ 3 min.

Bread and games. What already worked excellently in ancient Rome finds its perfected continuation in the USA. With football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey, four sports keep the Americans happy. And when it comes to food, the country of supposedly unlimited possibilities is making the most of all: oversized portions, over-sugared, fatty and maximally unhealthy. Physically, the well-behaved American already has hard times of it. »» read more

Perversion of intentions #05

Social • 06.01.2020 • Reading time ~ 2 min.

Theoretically the safest place is where? In a prison! Fences, bars, thick walls and guards make sure that nothing gets in and nothing escapes. Tight rules ensure order and equal conditions – ideally. »» read more

Irresponsible prosperity

Social • 27.12.2019 • Reading time ~ 4 min.

We humans describe ourselves as intelligent and use this as a decisive criterion against animals, but we are nevertheless limited. This prevents us from being successfully recognized and certainly not accepted. There is still no question of comprehension. With our facilities much more would be possible, but it would mean a different lifestyle. However, this would be contrary to the dominant desires, which is why the elimination of these innate abilities is started early. »» read more

Totalitarian world

Social • 12.06.2019 • Reading time ~ 6 min.

Everywhere, authorities are oppressing their people more and more. In different manifestations, but unmistakable. First they give themselves as longed-for saviors and philanthropists, in order to get out the truncheons hidden behind their backs after a successful election. With servitude and one-sided redistributions they cover their country, only celebrated by the submissive followers who hope to profit from the advantages. But whoever sows violence reaps violence. Consciencelessly, the dreadful creature aggressiveness drives its ugly claws into society and feeds on the damage done. Why? »» read more

Sacred dependence

Social • 21.02.2019 • Reading time ~ 5 min.

Full of enthusiasm we fall for the created technology. Taken up by ourselves, every innovation arouses our fascination and is immediately appropriated without criticism. Feelings of addiction and dependence do not arise, because the use is subversively forced from outside. Without technology, participation in the current way of life is complicated and automatically puts you in an outsider position. This development is becoming more and more acute. »» read more

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