Silent Death

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Devastating battles of annihilation rage around us, among us and beside us. Despite their vehemence and consummate facts, hardly nobody cares about them, although they have lasting consequences. People’s ignorance is due to the fact that the battlefields are not only beyond their perception, but above all beyond their imagination. They are completely overwhelmed by the contexts.

Since no direct influence is noticeable, most people simply don’t care – as horrible as this may be.

Millions of animals and plants die as a result of human activity, up to total extinction. Countless species have not even been discovered, but have existed much longer than their exterminators. Humans came, conquered and destroyed everything with their clumsy simplicity. With their breasts swollen with pride, they arrogantly trample on every life that has no immediate use. If it turns out that something useful, possibly even life-saving, was affected by genocide, the moaning is always great. This is followed by short-term remorse and contemplation, mostly accompanied by ambitious goals for improvement. Usually such resolutions suffer from a short expiration date, because restrictive changes to his gluttony are extremely unpopular.

People would react differently if a deadly plague decimated pigs or cattle. While they treat these creatures worse than their shoes, a worldwide outcry would make the earth shake. Yet such a deadly virus could be man-made because they are trying to play God in their laboratories, spicing up such a scenario with bittersweet irony.

Plant and animal species are dying out even without human influence. Dinosaurs are the best known example. Holistic processes are responsible for this. Activities that take place because the entire planet is constantly in motion. The massive sphere changes every second and never resembles a previous state. Called evolution, it describes a system living in its entirety.

If people insist on their prominent position, because they are the only individuals to attribute intelligence, they still do not perceive their limitations. The complexity of their living space exceeds all capacities of imagination and comprehension. Their existence is limited only to their own needs. Any further entanglements regularly blow up his abilities, which is why they are faded out from the outset. Repressing is still the most harmless form, mostly refused or even denied.

What does it matter if Lotus maculatus, a plant of which only 11 specimens remain, no longer exists? Was it ever important or had any use for us humans? Sure, panda bears are cute and orangutans are somehow astonishing, but if we no longer had to consider their habitats, we could use the land for something more useful. If it is shown that the ground beneath you is constantly moving because the entire land masses of the earth are in constant motion, this may be surprising, but it remains abstract. Time calculations beyond one’s own lifetime become more and more diffuse with increasing distance until they dissolve. Millions or billions of years is a comprehensible statement, but the content remains empty. Earth time is not subject to an overloaded 24-hour day and therefore not valid. Their processes lie outside the perception, which makes them irrelevant.

Unfortunately, all attempts at explanation remain futile. If most of them are already lacking interest, they are unable to grasp it at the latest. Capturing is based on knowledge and understanding, but goes the decisive step beyond. Acceptance plays an enormous role in this. Acknowledging that something is important, even without direct reference to one’s own life. Granting everything a value and its justification in the overall system is far beyond our acquired limits and established norms. Without these we feel untenable and therefore helpless.

We would have to jump over our own shadow and see ourselves as part of a holistic symbiosis, which is rejected as an inappropriate intervention in self-importance. However, to take oneself out of this equation and place oneself as a superior instance deprives one of that very unity. Trampling on one’s own foundation led to current developments and humanity to the self-built scaffold. Against better knowledge, being both a perpetrator and victim is far from any intelligence. Paradoxical that we call ourselves Homo sapiens, from whose translation – understanding, sensible, wise, smart, clever, reasonable human being – we are miles away. No other life form wages a war of extermination against itself or its dependencies.

Silent death puts out its feelers to us. But it will be anything but quiet. First we will loudly bash each other’s heads in, because each one blames the other, only to die whining with self-pity afterwards. It doesn’t matter whether the insight that comes with this is profound or not. Too late also means afterwards, beyond or simply: missed the connection.

The following statement is grasped and thoroughly understood, but its scope is rejected, which is why there is every action missing:

We need the Earth, but the Earth doesn’t need us.

Nature is speaking

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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