Sacred Dependence

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Full of enthusiasm we fall for the created technology. Taken up by ourselves, every innovation arouses our fascination and is immediately appropriated without criticism. Feelings of addiction and dependence do not arise, because the use is subversively forced from outside. Without technology, participation in the current way of life is complicated and automatically puts you in an outsider position. This development is becoming more and more acute. Our penchant for comfort is too great to recognize dangers. In addition, they are talked down, faded out and, if necessary, suppressed under massive use of all available means. The primary goal of all efforts and the main component of every strategy is to prevent doubts from arising in the first place.

Therefore, we ignore the vulnerability of the system and, above all, the effects that a disruption of the processes would cause. As if one would cover one’s eyes in a crowd of people and believe that the others no longer see one because one no longer sees them oneself. Idiot? Of course, but that’s what we do. Every day and with an increasing tendency.

If you put on a wetsuit, you can move well. If you get into a second one, you can certainly do that as well. On three and four? I don’t know … Five and six? I’ve never worn one before, so I can’t judge it, but I suspect a very limited freedom of movement. We practice similar things with technical progress. We are only too happy to let ourselves be taken in by it, it promises a great deal of comfort. We refuse, however, to make any attempt to become aware of the connections between them. Our defence mechanisms are not directed against the dangerous, negative consequences they are actually there to protect, but against the warnings themselves.

It is a logical consequence, which is ignored again and thus activates a devastating spiral, that all basic programming in our heads gets mixed up and turns into fears, depressions and other illnesses, which are caused by irritations, such as cancer. But that’s just a side note.

Without question, our achievements are remarkable and extremely pleasant. Which, of course, is a prerequisite for being taken completely out of hand. Corporations have long since taken over the dominion and we have surrendered to their machinations.

But it is not the technology or abstruseness of declaring data the most valuable commodity that should cause concern, but the associated fragility of the entire system. In neoliberal turbo-mode, we are manoeuvring ourselves unchecked into a dead end, which we do not want to admit in the usual manner. All over the world fuses are already firing and when it comes to the first explosion is hardly interesting any more, but rather where. Because depending upon origin different effects result. Whereby it doesn’t matter in the end, because the bottom line is a disaster in any case.

So far, we humans have let technology work for us. We have used machines to support us. Although we still insist that this is the case, we are lying into our own pockets. We have entered the bondage of the technology we have created. Stoically, we hold on to the misbelief of ruling and controlling everything, especially what we have created.

The network of built up dependencies is highly sensitive and accordingly vulnerable. Thoughtlessly we readily feed a construct that has long outgrown our hair.

A wrong click,
a failing server,
a disturbed node,
a bank in turbulence,
a branch falls,
an economy behind,
a war in tow,
an end.

It’s not about condemning and banishing technology, but about adjusting circumstances. The necessary insights and changes, however, are utopian hopes. Such an extensive reorientation of spiritual attitudes will not happen by reasonable means. It is hopeless to assume that we could muster so much decency. So in principle we would already be able to do that, but the spirits we called …

We’ve given up humanity, even if no one admits it. Whether we have lost it or it has been stolen from us is irrelevant at first. Only through this loss are the current developments possible. The lack of courage, or at least the lack of courage, prevents us from perceiving reality. This is the only reason why we do not perceive the pretended deception as such, but submit ourselves to the homely whispering. The shaky structure itself promotes its instability. If self-preservation takes the lead instead of collective forces, the system collapses.

Social is no gimmick, no bonus, no icing on the cake, no extra and certainly not a punishment. It is the cause, the basis, the basic prerequisite for life. Why we let ourselves be wrapped up in fraudulent machinations, when we supposedly are so intelligent, should seriously burden us and make us think. Which brings me – once again – to the basic problem.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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