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Perversion of intentions #07

Environment • 31.12.2022 • Reading time ∼ 3 min.

Conservationists and environmental activists have it hard enough. Now the #LastGeneration, who claim to be on the same side, is spitting in their soup. Because economy and politics show only little interest in the climate crisis, they consider more radical methods to be suitable for forcing changes. However, all they have achieved with their actions is to unleash the power of neocapitalism against themselves. They are put in arrest as a preventive measure – women who are threatened can only dream of such precautions. Terrorism paragraphs are brought into position against them, and overall voices for stricter laws are increasing in order to be able to harass and restrict activism more strongly in general.

Classic case of a perversion of intentions. Nothing accomplished for the actual cause, instead turning everyone against themselves while making all activism more difficult.

Two points of view now come to mind. Due to the system's violent reaction, it could detect a serious threat to itself, which is why it strengthens its defense mechanisms. Or in short: it is afraid. That soulless dictator? Doesn't sound very plausible. On the other hand, everything seems too staged. It suits far too well for the system, as if the favorable opportunity for more restrictions just happened by accident.

Beyond that, the selected designation, #LastGeneration, is inaccurate in all issues and obviously serves to dramatize. The alleged intention to combat the climate catastrophe sounds understandable. Which, of course, is necessary to make the whole development of reprisals acceptable.

Undoubtedly, a change of system is required to face the climate crisis. Likewise, that we have lived ignorantly and lavishly for decades and wasted valuable time irresponsibly. The activism shown, however, bestows a disservice on the culprit to be fought. Not recognizing this, instead becoming blinded and fanatically continuing to act as an accomplice, is more of a narcissistic sign. Apparently it's more about paying attention to itself, than about the climate. As a reminder: what did a pupil achieve, just by a quiet strike every Friday? Here then, also very fitting for the system, a pandemic came around the corner when the movement reached a critical size. But that may only be mentioned in passing.

Yes, a lot has to change as soon as possible. However, the actual approach is counterproductive. Radical measures can be successful if all citizens participate. But stupidity and lethargy are now so widespread that this is hardly to be expected. Resolving this deficit would be urgently necessary. The small group of activists only helps the system harden by expanding its totalitarian ambitions. This is neither helpful nor intelligent.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google. If passages are unfortunate translated or sentences are incorrectly worded so that they may even make a different sense, I am pleased to receive suitable hints. Thanks.