Ominous election 2021

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Can a satisfactory and definitive conclusion be drawn from the predecessors The right election 2021 and The wrong election 2021 which lets you to step into the voting booth with confidence?

The perceivable party structure has changed only marginally over the years. On the other hand, the effects of their policies are largely negative. In terms of content, the nose is quickly pointed at popular trends, but words and deeds differ more than ever before. A real competition in twisting words can be observed. Accompanied by the reprehensible trend of always giving us citizens a guilty conscience. Everything is finally only for our best and/or completely after our desires. In addition to the already prevailing loads on people, they are now also burdened with the responsibility for all developments. This new kind of presenting and dealing is infamous. Given such role models, the brutalization of society is not surprising.

To our chagrin, we have become accustomed to broken promises. But politics has long since moved on to unabashed lying. Projects are advertised in a populist way, while the texts then say the opposite. What we and this country really urgently need again are people’s representatives who honestly deserve this title and want to make an honest effort. Where to get them is the question of the hour, because there is nowhere we can steal any. However, if we continue on our current course, everyone can imagine that the future will be bleak. It’s like being served a completely moldy meal. Current politics is already inedible. Whoever stoically proclaims the slogan keep it up or puts his hopes in close your eyes and through refuses his brain cells to do their job.

Without wanting to denigrate small parties, in the end there seems to be only one field left for the all-important cross. But whether The Left party is a good, right, better or the best choice cannot simply be assumed uncritically. In fact, there is a lot of wrong on here too. It could be argued that the last decades have impressively proven that worse gets always worse, albeit under roughly the same parameters. To what extent this statement is confirmed in the case of left-wing participation should first be found out before being punished.

It takes the courage already mentioned to turn the wheel for change. With the decisions of the last elections, we have steadily made things more difficult for ourselves. But it is equally in our hands to stop this wrong course. Ongoing specious and hypocritical actionism only makes us lurch around groundlessly. We are threatened by a seemingly endless drowning, as the #Coronacrisis should teach us to fear. We’ll see how it ultimately develops.

Our society freezes inexorably. The preservation instinct alone should prevent wasting one’s cross thoughtlessly. Growing egoism will let us attack each other more and more. We need each other more than ever. We have to move closer together. It is wrong to view and operate only nationally. A future worth living on an intact planet can only be successful together as a large symbiosis. Social, and that’s what only one party currently stands for.

Life has no guarantees. In the absence of relevant alternatives, however, comfortable habits should not be adhered to. Running against the same wall again and again does not open new doors. It is up to us voters to initiate these changes. This is both a right and an obligation.

Conclusion? Is it possible to be more wrong than wrong? Is there a good bad? The Left should be given at least one chance to show that it will change the climate – not just that in the air.

And if all else fails, the cross ends up with Die Partei, which also makes a clear statement. Basta.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google

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