New League of Willing

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Watching the ship drift towards the waterfall, on the bottom of which it will inevitably be smashed, because one feels committed to a supposed community, is one thing. To throw overboard the normally dominant instinct of self-preservation, the sole concern for one’s own well-being, is another. We humans consist of contradictions that already make our existence appear questionable, our survival even more so. However, we are working with zeal for our common doom, because we lack the imagination about the consequences of our actions.

Not everywhere, so that quiet resistance is perceptible from some corners. However, in view of solidified roped parties, entrenched structures and rusted connections, a separation is unlikely. The audible cries are rather the result of the oppressive narrowness where people step on each other’s feet, not from insight before necessary changes or even from the idea of being able to step out on separate paths and adopt other forms of behavior.

This would be the salvation of all of us and the last free selectable emergency exit. Probably we will fail again because we lack all the necessary ingredients for a new world order: Vision, bravery, courage, will and especially inner greatness. We would first have to admit mistakes, which is almost impossible. Then previous entanglements would have to be cut off, which in view of the expected annoyances would soften possible intentions in advance. To reproach the old companions with shortsightedness would also be counterproductive and hinder any plans.

However, the real reason for all hesitation is deeply rooted in us: fear. Conversely, we lack his counterpart to take the decisive first step: courage.

What still sounds feasible and motivating for the individual – no courage without fear – is often more difficult at a national level. Even the extended version – what does my courage enable me to do, even though I am afraid – can hardly be realized in view of the large number of people in charge. There is the same bias in everyone, which then adds up accordingly. What remains unnoticed is our inner herd instinct, which leads us to expect a chain reaction of like-minded people, whereby initial uncertainties should quickly lose their terror.

If our history of development has been driven and marked by pioneering spirit, we do not seem to have lost it, but we have reduced it to improving comfort and convenience. In our eyes, we have made the world our own and set ourselves up, so why should we change the conditions in a big way and risk possible disadvantages? We are sufficiently busy with everyday skirmishes and shortcomings. We need most of our energy anyway to fight with elbows for attention and our place.

A new association of willing ones would not be a small village club, but would have an effective punch from the beginning. Crawling constantly in front of the USA is now completely incomprehensible. With swollen eyes from fat and disintegrated muscles in his head, the self-declared world leader no longer recognizes that a deadly gullet is opening up in front of him. Why the much larger Europe is faithfully and stupidly dallying behind him is not only questionable, but has long since become unintelligible to the inhabitants. If populations of other European countries had as many guts in their asses as the French, tangible changes would probably be possible. Europe would possibly develop the courage to lead a new alliance.

There are many things the world does not need. Least of all pathologically psychopathic warmongers whose arrogance is surpassed by stupidity.

There is little the world needs to make the world a better place. First, an impulse to open the door to new ways. Our ancestors turned their fear into courage. We haven’t lost that ability, just buried it under fries and chip bags.

Translated with the help of Deepl

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