Neoliberal inequality

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Companies are focused on the fact that on the result side one factor towers above everything and the bigger and fatter it is, the better: profit! In the row of suppliers, however, one circumstance causes a bad mood: employees! Everywhere the most unpleasant cost producer; everywhere the unit under the greatest pressure. Efficiency is the economic mantra of neoliberal times. The first goal and perennial issue is the optimization of labor as a resource, which directly affects the people associated with it. According to the economic principle – minimum input/maximum output – the manpower offers two design approaches for the same measure: as little as possible. Distribute the workload on as few shoulders as possible and pay them as little as possible.

So far, so well known. But no matter how hard I try, there’s a gap that I can’t close: Employees are consumers who are supposed to consume with their income and generate earnings for the companies. If you lay them off en masse, pay the remaining employees just the minimum required and outsource most of the work to low-wage countries, then who is supposed to generate revenue?

Who is supposed to buy everything that is penetratingly rubbed under the noses with the extensively personalized advertising? Where is the money to come from that is to be drawn from empty pockets?

Not participating in the social community through elaborate tax avoidance concepts, but unabashedly exploiting its social achievements in order to increase one’s own profit is one thing. To generate and increase profits with money that one does not want to pay is another. Harvesting without investing in seeds? Yes, the financial gamblers also have their magic tricks to deceive the astonished onlookers – politicians included.

Irrespective of the fact that this unspeakable data collection is almost useless and leads itself ad absurdum, the stubborn maintenance of the inequality is astonishing. I thought there were studied, intelligent people involved – must have been mistaken. In short-term – historically observed – the last quarter-century may have been lucrative, but by its baseless construction it stands on feet of clay. In its limited span of domination, the moneyed aristocracy wants to enjoy golden fruits, which is why only its own well-being receives attention and (future) consequences of its actions are uninteresting.

On the other hand, well-adjusted advertising makes mouths water, whereupon it follows that people constantly realize how empty their pockets are and they fail to realize the pipe dreams sparked in them. Frustration turns into anger, into rage, into violence, into street fights, stadium brawls, hostilities, hunts – into hatred.

Bravura performance of the economy … really colossal – screwed up!

PS: I still had the question on the tongue, if you do not notice the impacts there … has answered itself …

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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