Reform the system or fail

Together overcoming greed before it kills us.


There are different media. Officials who act along system lines, even if criticism is voiced from time to time or rotten excesses are uncovered, although they never recognize them of their own accord, but have to be nudged with their noses at them first. Alternative, whose basic attitude is rather critical of the system, they therefore suffer from recognition problems, although they work in a similarly professional manner in journalism, but mostly address unpopular aspects. Oppositionists, who simply always rail against current decisions, mainly governmental ones, even if this entangles them in contradictory attitudes. Lastly, the conspiracy theorists, who call everything that contradicts their own beliefs as controlled lies and, of all those mentioned, are the ones who also use violence to spread their opinions, which is not surprising if you lack any arguments and stray around aimlessly without any substance .

However, as unbelievable as it may sound, one thing unites all media. All claim to represent the truth. Alone and as the only one, of course. The truth is well pleased with that. Unpopular as it is, it is drowned out by the loud screams of everyone involved. The system has absolutely no interest in people seeing through it. Isolated voices and even scientific findings are weighted too weakly to pose a threat to the system. However, care is taken to keep these voices limited. In this way, the system maintains the appearance of transparency, although the opposite is the case.

Enlightenment is the order of the day. But the system no longer fears even that. With the onset of industrialization and an increase in its efforts after World War II, it has educated people to become docile servants. Own thinking is simulated and the content of life is guided. All stimulated by a perpetual intoxication, manifested as consumption and prosperity. Deceiving and distracting, classic war maneuvers, prove their civilian suitability. Fear of loss secures the system's preservation. It has formed mankind into its protective shield, which at the same time continuously nourish it. A parasite, as it stands in the book.

Why humans put up with that? The answer could probably fill an entire book – at least. Or be concentrated in one word: Stupidity.

Wrongly, this is always interpreted as unintelligent, unwise, stupid, ignorant, retarded or underexposed. More correctly, however, it means intentionally, willfully not using the intelligence we have. We deny ourselves of that, what we always insist on as an elementary distinguishing feature!

Can this stoic attitude, flanked by complex lethargy, be dealt with at all? No serious answer can be given to this as it can only be speculation at this point in time. This will only become apparent in practice. The envisaged/to be achieved goal of uncovering lies and fraud and ending castration through the system, can only lead over the stony path of truth. However, it would be presumptuous to proclaim this for oneself – which does not deter the media from doing it anyway. For us it is not necessary, because the system itself will provide for its confirmation.

It is questionable whether the extreme discrepancies regarding the truth can be overcome. Allegedly, everyone always wants to hear it, but gets angry when it is then told. Likewise, everyone insists on always being honest, i.e. telling the truth, but doesn't do it and then gets angry when they are caught. Lying seems to be more important and popular, even if it is vehemently denied. The fraud is apparently more tolerable and more pleasant overall. This coincides with the weighting we assign – or don't assign – to truth.

Time is our most precious commodity because it is priceless. Usually only realized when it's too late. It is the top spot in relative characteristics. Among the absolutes, truth occupies that position, for it is the most valuable here. It is also the purest and most final. Withal unique. There always exists only one truth. It is incomprehensible that people trample on this noble gift and treat it like dirt. What leads to the fact that proclaimers of truths are excluded and usually face a violent storm of hostility. The only problem is that there seem to be as many truths as opinions. Which brings us back to the discrepancies. Therefore, a good indicator of truth might be headwinds that have been ignited. The bigger, the truer something is likely to be. Where there is only one truth, probability has no place. For the system, truth is the greatest enemy. Therefore it is fought with all means, why its exposure is so difficult. The obedient people are meanwhile so well drilled that they thwart any disclosure with their disturbed, actually not existing, self-perception. When everyone yells in confusion, the quiet voice of truth can hardly be located. Nevertheless, it is an enormous challenge to provide it with the necessary volume to be heard and noticed.

This blog is not an investigative medium to track down scandals or look behind the scenes. Here, the causes of any misconduct are named. As obvious as these are and their constant repetition seems monotonous, their permanent impeachment is just as essential. Anyone who burns their fingers on a hot stove because warning words were not believed and ignored, accepts their mistake and does not repeat it. However, this does not mean that admonishing words will be taken seriously and followed in the future. Quite the opposite, because as long as the consequences are not painful, their truthfulness is doubted. Since the system rewards misconduct, its justification is not questioned. Humans fail at the idea of a different system, because the prevailing one has taken care of it through instilled limitations in their heads. These boundaries have to be worn down and softened, so that a thereby suppressed ability can make itself felt again. Once the open way of thinking shines through, its power development can no longer be stopped. At some point every wall falls, no matter how thick it may be.

To tear down this imposed narrowness, has made its mission. People carry within themselves the ability for a different way of life. Becoming aware of this and daring to turn away from the past needs incentive. If everyone does something wrong, it doesn't become right. But contact points are needed that uncover and formulate what is wrong. Only when a look in the mirror reveals an ugly grimace is there a chance that willingness to change will increase. We don't need experience with a hot plate to regret touching it. With our present possibilities and accumulated knowledge, such action is foolish and stupid. It would be raising a hand against yourself and giving yourself a painful slap in the face. This metaphor describes our actions excellently. Then why do we continue this idiotic behavior? The system takes care of this by blinding and manipulating us. It continuously whispers in our ears about its supposed beauties and feeds us with carrots. We ignore the lashes with which it drives us to satisfy its insatiable greed, although more and more are feeling the consequences. When it stabs us in the back with its knives, we gloat over the suffering, but do nothing and after a short time look away bored.

From A to Z, front to back, our way of life is characterized by wrongdoing. To establish and document these connections is the motivation for this blog. Linked to this, of course, with the hope of setting change in motion.

Trying to save the world in this way probably doesn't sound as glamorous and spectacular as with James Bond. But somehow this madness has to be stopped anyway.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google. If passages are unfortunate translated or sentences are incorrectly worded so that they may even make a different sense, I am pleased to receive suitable hints. Thanks.