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Left vacuum

Politics • 07.09.2021 • Reading time ~ 10 min.

Nowadays one looks in vain for a respectful coexistence. Fueled by unrealistic politics, a ruthless exploitation society developed. Worldwide. While mercilessly raking in what they can, all impacts are swept under the carpet. Which is understandable in view of the dimensions. Nobody wants to deal with it, prefers to accumulate superfluous possessions in order to hide behind them from the consequences. Yet these are inevitable and much closer than one might like.

Everything with a social reference has failed: welfare state, social market economy, SPD, Die Linke (The Left), even the DKP (German Communist Party) has made it into insignificance. It was not the concepts that failed, but the politicians responsible for their implementation, regardless of shade. Although they are the causers, their effects hit uninvolved innocents who have fallen for them. To make matters worse, the wrongdoers lack the insight and ability to change.

Various political camps continually proclaim the middle for themselves. Middle sounds balanced. The middle feels neutral, something that doesn't bother anyone and that doesn't offend. The middle seems comfortable and pleasant. Everyone should be able to come to terms with the middle. Middle is compliant. For its existence, however, it needs relevant weight on the left and right.

This talk becomes obsolete as soon as a wing breaks away. Bird or airplane do not fly with one wing. If the counterweight is missing on a seesaw, the other side crashes to the ground and everything slides down. If those who are left on the shelf try to artificially talk up their missing counterpart or to adopt their positions, it is pure hypocrisy. Does this tripartite division and the monotonous drivel about the middle make any sense at all, or is it meant to calm one's conscience? What do people do whose social aspirations die away because their voices find no political representation? Accusing them of having placed their crosses incorrectly, merely expresses ignorance and misses the point.

On the other hand, the more politicians claim to be in the middle, the more one should pay attention. If something is particularly emphasized and stereotypically repeated, this only serves to hammer it into people's heads as true. If one hears everywhere and all the time how much a politician supposedly represents the middle, you take it over at some point without further questioning. The result is a shift in attitudes. If the former right redefines the middle, previously rejected, extreme fringe groups move into the free position, inherit its social acceptance and penetrate into parliamentary levels.

An analysis of existing needs in the population would reveal that they are almost hungry for leftist content, almost begging for it. Hardly more urgent is the need for a noticeable increase in weight on the left, so that the right side does not rise unbridled to the point of autocracy and drain the balancing currents. Of all things, it was the SPD in this country, that unexpectedly stabbed the dagger into its own flesh and thus justified the downward trend of left politics. Die Linke (The Left) failed to occupy the vacated space in order to determine the left course from then on. Instead, their miserable efforts, together with brilliant failure, could be observed over many years. Which, given the favorable conditions, is a disastrous achievement.

The party's last leadership duo, Riexinger and Kipping, were nice and personable, but also colorless, too quiet and polite. Kipping also weak and hesitant. It is doubtful whether the current successors, Wissler and Hennig-Wellsow, will ever get the cart running again, considering how deep it is stuck. Merely taking the position of the critical commentator on the sidelines, however, is quite undemanding and inadequate for the prevailing need. Apparently fear of responsibility prevents ambitious rushing ahead. Moreover, the public dismantling of the single crowd puller only serves to make a mockery of oneself.

While Die Linke (The Left) courts for a hearing, the SPD is sending a candidate for the Chancellery into the race who would easily win many competitions, but none of them have any place in politics: hypocrisy, mendacity, forgetfulness, corruption, totalitarian fantasies, exploitation, poverty promotion, irresponsibility. How skillfully the population is being deceived is shown by their current upswing. The party has committed the greatest betrayal of social welfare and should finally be punished for it. Terrifying how gullible people ignore truths.

Meanwhile, the new – alleged – middle plans to push its conservative, neoliberal politics. The already shady financial sector is to be given additional support and it is to be made easier for companies to increase their profits. This mainly through company mergers and in dealing with employees, which usually means reducing labor costs or cutting jobs. Not to mention that the wealth of the wealthy elite naturally remains untouched and all classes below them are called upon to straighten out their misdeeds.

An example of this is their idea of what citizens should do with regard to their pensions. Accordingly, the state shifts responsibility and obligation onto the shoulders of each individual and thus evades them. Only a minimal subsidy is to flow from the state treasury, while private investments should serve to cover needs of life. This means that inexperienced citizens should act as stock gamblers. Even if they entrust this task to supposedly reputable investment advisors, they put themselves in the hands of the devil because the fox is set to keep the geese. The financial market as a whole has now completely degenerated and grown into a tight furuncle that is bound to burst. Because previous ways of increasing capital are drying up and the industry is fed by artificially inflated air money, they need fresh blood. Since the average consumer does not voluntarily throw his hard-earned and increasingly scarce money into the throats of speculative beasts, corrupt politics rushes in as usual and transforms the wishes of the economy into laws. Where, in the face of increasingly precarious income conditions or households dependent on the social system, the money needed to build up a pension sufficient to live on is supposed to come from is of not the slightest interest to the initiators. To speak of coverage or even insurance here is a despicable verbalization of and disrespect for people. As if system errors did not already impose enough burdens on them, they should also atone for them with their life's work. Grotesque.

It is certainly worth mentioning that, for example, the stock of social housing has fallen by 60 % since 1990, while the number of people in need is rising steadily. In general, the real estate market has long been on fire and is threatening to explode. Speculations with concrete gold have soared to surreal heights, the excesses of which will soon be visible. Politics will then habitually fall from the clouds and assert that they did not see it coming. Of course not, if they look the other way and ignore the signs.

These are just two of many leftist topics that are currently burning under the nails. The crux of the matter is that more and more people refuse the true assignment of their needs and instead take refuge in right-wing corners. There they puff themselves up loudly cackling among like-minded people and fail to understand that they are being exploited by eloquent dogmatists. Spurred on by an elitist leadership, the grass roots running furiously through streets and digital media. Manipulated unnoticed, lower instincts superimpose the limited mind and thereby prevent the recognition of truths. Social issues end up in the clutches of anti-social structures. There they are turned through the mincer, reinterpreted and served as fodder to the nagging entourage.

Left-wing wasteland is spreading not only in Germany. Right-wing nationalist forces use this weakness elsewhere to expand their influence. Left-wing territory may not be occupied, but largely blanked out … silenced … suppressed … defamed. In some countries, leftist – social – ambitions have already lost the battle. There they head for dystopian conditions. Those populations might deny to wish for such things and are still responsible for these developments. The shame will be overwhelming when it is realized too late what has been done. Reamed out by capitalist demands and overburdened with global contexts, melodious promises of power-obsessed politicians tempt them to follow their supposedly comfortable and safe path. Despite our alleged information age, pied piper seems to have an easier time gathering their victims behind them.

Despotic tendencies everywhere are based on political imbalance. Global requirements, which are clearly evident, are increasing, to make matters worse, merely autocratic traits. Less astonishingly, these processes take place in predominantly wealthy countries. Fear of loss is the easiest to stir up. Once activated, people are no longer receptive to rational ways of thinking. Devastatingly, in some places religious groups participate in totalitarian lambasting and preach with forked tongues. However, both desires are similar and after all, fanaticism is what they knows.

All developments are worrying. In a system based on exploitation, they are inevitable. Neoliberal capitalism feeds on power and greed. Both are native to the right-wing milieu. Postulating that left-wing forces have failed does not do justice to the circumstances. But they seem powerless against the pull of right-wing forces. Distorted with pain, they witness their own downfall. The fact that this process began long before today's actors should be of little comfort. The ugly effects of a leftist vacuum will be felt by everyone, including the right wing. Don't underestimate: we are only at the beginning of these upheavals.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google. If passages are unfortunate translated or sentences are incorrectly worded so that they may even make a different sense, I am pleased to receive suitable hints. Thanks.