Irresponsible Prosperity

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We humans describe ourselves as intelligent and use this as a decisive criterion against animals, but we are nevertheless limited. This prevents us from being successfully recognized and certainly not accepted. There is still no question of comprehension. With our facilities much more would be possible, but it would mean a different lifestyle. However, this would be contrary to the dominant desires, which is why the elimination of these innate abilities is started early.

As a result, we are able to grasp dimensions, but not to understand them. When in Indonesia an area as big as ten football fields is cleared per hour, this may be an understandable comparison, but it does not give us an idea of its full extent – and certainly not of its consequences and interrelationships.

This behaved just as the size of our planet. We can look at the bare figures, stand in Russia’s taiga or the Sahara and yet only see everything up to the horizon. It doesn’t matter whether the complexity overwhelms us, it stands in the way of our efforts to dominate. Depending on our position domination preciousness demands submission and possession of everything that can be achieved. We can only rise on the backs of others and rise above others, including natural resources.

The terms prosperity, wealth and possession may differ in detail, but in terms of content they aim at the same meaning: to have more, to be more than others. General consensus is that we don’t just literally go over dead bodies for this. Because even if only a few people put their finger directly on the trigger of a gun, their decisions have comparable effects. This is where the aforementioned limitations come in handy. If everyone were to consider the chain of their decisions, we would have a different world. But because our own prosperity comes before everything else, we are not interested in the cruel effects. For the same reason, we reject both guilt and responsibility.

Coffee in small aluminum capsules are chic and convenient. If there were pictures of destroyed nature and of people who died as a result, they would probably not be as useful. However, the frightening pictures on cigarette packets show that humans still think more about fulfilling our well-being than about dealing with the consequences. Even if enjoyment makes us ill and causes us to die prematurely.

No matter what it takes reflects the invisible part of our life motto; the visible thrifty is nifty. We want everything at a small price. Again, limitations make us believe that this attitude is perfectly fine, after all, it’s for our own good. The fact that the actual bill is far more extensive and far-reaching, lies beyond our horizon and therefore does not come into play.

Economy is run by people and differs from the individual only by the much greater might. Like a monstrous vacuum cleaner, large corporations suck capital and resources from markets and floors. What is devastating here is that the politicians, who are actually installed as the regulating layer, participate in this disastrous undertaking. But since the same mentality of thinking, including limitations, prevails across all borders, levels and strata, the community raid is not surprising.

With the intelligence mentioned at the beginning, we are merely acquiring tools to drive the speed of exploitation. Like a cancer we kill our livelihood. What appears to be a more than stupid approach can once again be explained by present narrowness. We cannot comprehend the temporal dimensions. If our actions have an effect in 100 years, we may grasp the numbers, but not the complex context. Most of the processes we trigger lie beyond our horizon and concern, making them irrelevant.

We could do otherwise, but we already fail at the idea. That is why we stubbornly follow the path we have chosen, ignoring warning signs and simply making sure that we reach our own end as unharmed as possible. As far as limitations are concerned, we should be close to perfection. The waste of our potential is regrettable and a shame.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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