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The European Union (EU) is a confederation of currently 27 nations. After the withdrawal of Great Britain, almost 450 million people live within its borders. Minus approx. 20% for the under-16s, 360 million people are affected. 360 million decision-makers.

From January 2019 to January 2020, various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) collected signatures across national borders against the possibilities for companies to sue states in secret arbitration proceedings. Known by its abbreviation ISDS (Investor-state dispute settlement). Of course, the existence of this unacceptable parallel justice is already highly reprehensible, but it will not be discussed here. Essential is the result of this 12-month collection campaign, which is presented as an obvious success: 847,000!

0,25 %

On 27 September 2019, a so-called global climate strike took place. Official figures speak of about 6 million participants. After all, the future of humanity was and is at stake. Based on 7 billion people, this topic is important for? (rounded up)

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In my Budnikowsky drugstore I recently talked to a staff member about the abolition of yellow bags (refuse sacks for the green dot recycling system) in our district and the introduction of a yellow recycling bin. This is primarily relevant for homeowners, who usually deposit their bags at the roadside before picking them up, because tenement buildings have always collected the bags in yellow waste containers. At the point where people are now supposed to get the loose rubbish into the bins with what effects, she shrugged her shoulders and spoke the meaningful final word: that is not our problem.

Actually I wanted to end this article openly after the last paragraph, because it should be clear by now that I did not refer to myself in the title. However, it is difficult for me to put into words my sadness about the apathy of my fellow men. Apparently it is not for nothing that metaphors for this disinterested behavior have long been available. The most famous will probably be the three monkeys that hear, speak and see nothing. But also, to bury one’s head in the sand, will be widely known. Looking away and just minding his own business is of course the easiest way. Not elegant and morally questionable, but pragmatic and manageable. Moreover, it is anything but easy, considering what is demanded of you nowadays.

That’s right, we’re supposed to function as a leadership elite demands of us. This works best, which is also considered most desirable by those same elites, if we do not use our heads beyond what is necessary – at least not independently. Blessed to be able to get rid of exhausting decision-making, we are happy to devote ourselves to the comfort we have gained. Why endanger this, especially for what? We just have to be careful that nobody disturbs this pleasant existence. Especially not participate undeservedly or even take it away.

While lethargy is growing to frightening levels in rich countries, corruption in poorer regions increases inequality and poverty. Only the dictatorships in China and North Korea currently occupy an inglorious special position. But worldwide assimilation is under way. No, it is not China and North Korea that are being aligned with the rest.

The mass follows and is most easily controlled when it is dull. Whether the form is then called neoliberalism or dictatorship is irrelevant. If the masses feel comfortable and are given the feeling that everything is done for their own good, they can be directed and controlled as if at a control desk. Who doesn’t think for himself, is directed.

Certainly many people have read the books 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, but not enough and still only few have comprehended it. Comprehension is not just understanding, but realizing connections and effects. However, everyone fails in transferring stories to real life – almost everyone, except of course those who sit at the levers of power because of it. We should be warned, because the saying that real life is much worse than any story is likely to be common knowledge in a wide variety of ways.

The paradox of showing disinterest is that it only makes everything more difficult for oneself, which leads to even less interest, which in turn makes everything even more unbearable. Sounds pretty stupid. It is.

However, we are all on the wrong track, so any attempt to get out of it is a futile effort. It’s doomed to failure. We. All of us. However, anyone who expects an outcry, rebellion and decisive action will be overwhelmed by paralyzing bewilderment and painful incomprehension in the face of the indifference shown.

Perhaps I should rather say: I am not interested?

PS: The two results clearly express no interest and/or that people are not reached on the topics. In view of this, any lack of interest by politicians is not surprising. Celebrating such results as successes rather points to a loss of reality or a tendency to ridicule – or both. To admit defeats would be more honest, but nowadays everything is twisted and talked up. This is neither helpful nor worthy of a respectable role model, and sends out signals that are not very conducive for dealing with each other. But in times of illusion and being, this probably does not matter.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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