Global Suicide

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What already sounds worrying in itself is multiplied by the fact that it is brought about less actively than by passivity. Lethargic ignorance automatically makes everyone an accomplice to a global assassination attempt, which stupidly enough also affects oneself.

This self-deception goes so far that we threaten to drive the fully loaded cart with full force against the wall and still it is not acknowledged, identified, talked down, completely ignored or immediately rejected and denied. Admonishers and spotter become enemies. All indications and evidence are dismissed, if necessary twisted and punished as scare tactics. Which is understandable from the point of view, since every acknowledgement in the same breath is a commitment to changes that are contrary to the efforts that have been brought up. Who wants to leave their comfort zone?

That’s why, out of the gigantic flood of information that comes over us every day, we block out everything that contradicts our own well-being. The supposed truth is selected, bent and adjusted. We refuse to accept the worsening conditions and do not accept to be responsible for them ourselves. Therefore we loudly blame others and ask them to redesign everything with a magic switch. Because if the ingrained circumstances dictate an unfamiliar behavior, we reflexively resist, making the circumstances worse.

Absurdly enough, no one rebels against the dictatorship of Google, Amazon and Facebook because there is a lack of understanding. Moreover, the opportunities on offer are far too tempting to question. The excessive monitoring and spying by business and the state only acknowledges the state’s desire with barking, but ultimately accepts it with annoyance. Nobody wants to do without the nice new conveniences and keeps his intoxication with twisted arguments.

We set the wrong priorities by rising above everything and putting our own pacification first. Although this may have been necessary for the survival of our Stone Age ancestors, we have moved miles away from the living conditions of that time – with the exception of our thinking, which cannot stop thinking about its lust for power and domination. Surprisingly, it adapts itself to the respective conditions, but refuses any further development – it does not learn.

One consequence of this is that we demand facts. But nature and climate cannot be set in stone. We cannot even grasp that the ground beneath our feet is constantly in motion. Even in regions that directly feel the forces of earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions, attempts are made to tame the monsters rather than give in.

We struggle with the stigma of not being able to see into the future, which is our greatest longing. However, we have found our best, most patient and inexhaustible victim, where all our guilt can be dumped. Reliable forecasts about the effects of our actions cannot be made seriously, otherwise we would most likely live completely differently. The assumption is that our entire history would have been different.

What we have always been able to do, however, and what we have improved and refined over the course of evolution, is to interpret signs and draw conclusions. Whereby any signs originate from our wealth of experience and knowledge and are therefore constantly increasing. In the meantime, algorithms that have been transferred to the digital world are able to predict our actions and/or adapt the environment to them, in order to otherwise gently guide us in desired directions.

Only our arrogance refuses any insight, because in the course of our development it has become firmly burnt into our brains that truths taste bitter and disgusting. In addition, they regularly demand restrictions and renunciations from us. In times when profit, i.e. enrichment, is everything, these are not acceptable variables. We prefer to walk into a battle with our visor open and convince ourselves that we are already winning it, because we do not tolerate, allow or expect any other result. According to the motto created for the banking crisis – too big to fail – a collapse on our part is impossible.

As is well known, pride comes before a fall, but reveals another weakness in our thinking: limitation. The crux of the matter is that it also ensures not being discovered. Except in its material counterpart, life, which is why its inevitable limits tempt us to maximum debauchery. Compounded by the uncertainty of when we will reach it. Therefore, everyone is next to himself. Why should the enjoyment of one’s own life be based on how it will affect the future? Each generation had to cope with the existing conditions and could not choose those, so future generations must be satisfied with what they will leave behind.

What served for bare survival for our ancestors has developed into mania: Might. Seizing superiority expresses our daily aspirations in a frighteningly impressive way. As obvious as it is unrecognized. Visible only to a few who are not under this bondage. Yet our hoarding is merely a redistribution. What one receives is taken elsewhere. Just because we generate fictitious money in digital times, there is no compensatory value. We have merely cast our old dream of turning lead into gold into modern form.

We arrogantly overlook that all factors show exponential increases. Those who can grasp the connections try to take advantage of them, which usually means a further fueling of the fatal development. The manageable time frame of each life, in connection with the growing abilities of tools at our side, only feeds our greed. The greed for more and more to rise above the rest. Long-term and/or social thinking slow down or even negate such aspirations, why they are ostracized.

In those days, the introduction of payment merely served to facilitate the prevailing business principle. Barter was certainly not very comfortable and filled with all kinds of adversity, but at least real values were involved. Over the centuries, these paper notes were not only increasingly refined in visual appearance, but their existence was given more and more weight. At latest by the beginning of the industrial age, at the end of the 19th century, money became the focus of attention. How quickly and strongly we became dependent on it was already evident in October 1929, when the New York Stock Exchange collapsed, triggering a world economic crisis that did not bottom out until 1932. In the meantime we have raised money to the status of a deity and laid our existence at his feet.

The immaterial means of payment still requires a material equivalent. 50 Euros in the hand are just colored paper. Only at the checkout in the supermarket it turns into a valuable credit. This is also the dimension in which the mass of people can grasp the interaction. In contrast, the actual event is a diffuse world whose dominance is only perceived when complications arise there.

Nevertheless, the illusory world needs material content to prove its existence and to establish its value. Work performance is part of it, but is one of the annoying factors, why it’s constantly being minimized. In the main, ownership still marks actual significance. These material counterparts can be resources or products of themselves and therefore have one thing in common: they are limited. Because this planet is all that is available to us. Everything from which we can draw.

Our development so far has therefore serious consequences, because at its end there can only be total, complete exploitation. The fatal thing now is that we know this, but our animal instincts do not allow us to derive other courses of action from it. The saying, after me the deluge, illustrates our point of view. We reproduce because our genes more or less force us to. However, in the short time span of our existence the attitude towards this has changed fundamentally, but has not yet entered our consciousness. While all living things want to preserve their species, we make this obligation beautiful and create additional evil spirits in our heads. The likewise genetically programmed potential for dominance has now reached the top of our construction kit. Envy travels in the wake of the associated domination airs and graces. This is directed at everything and knows no relation. For if we were more tolerant through foresight, we would not be able to satisfy the penetrating greed in our own lives. This creates an inner pressure, whose valve is preferably aggression, because its clumsy structure can release a lot of stored energy.

Mercilessly we exploit everything because we only allow ourselves everything. Not even our own children and at the same time we are unable to admit this. We resist this point of view, which may be understandable, but is equally stupid. In a broader or indirect sense we are cannibals. Nobody wants to hear that, of course. We also vehemently deny that we are heading towards collective genocide. We ignore the harmful and only allow the pleasurable to enter our sphere of perception. By our absurd behavior we create an imbalance and endanger all life – including ours.

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