Fragmented Resistance

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They exist. They are there. Plentiful. Multiple. Often. Even loud enough – if you listen. And here the mess is hidden. Like a radio, you have to tune the station to receive its content. But first you have to know that the station exists, which program is playing there and you want to hear it. Active action is required. The greater the selection of channels, the more difficult the decision becomes. Ultimately, only one source can squawk out of the loudspeakers and usually the feel-good offer wins in the end. That which makes no demands on you.

Under critical aspects decentralized is the preferred dosage form in the digital world. Its advantages are vehemently acknowledged. The main argument that, without a central controlling authority with all power of disposal in their hands, even less safety-conscious users can understand. However, it’s still a long way to understand and grasp it, which is too difficult for most people.

The world gets out of balance. All people are affected who are also the main culprits. Absurd and not compassed with rationality, we dig our own grave. Everything is there to keep us from this madness. Warning voices can be heard everywhere. Everywhere, forefingers are raised and vie for attention. The degree of complexity is distributed across the documents, so that in principle all levels of comprehension are taken care of.

All threats are present in manifold versions. The catch is that knowledge, criticism and resistance are distributed, both vertically and horizontally. Inside as well as outside. A patchwork of the highest perfection. The involved people fight for themselves in and for their segment. Even the supposedly large #FridaysForFuture movement is perceived globally, but the result is quite harmless because it ultimately focuses on the brave fighting Greta Thunberg and is stylized into a personality cult. On a small scale, acting only in relation to itself, all efforts weaken and therefore do not achieve the necessary impact. This makes it easy for the powerful in business and politics to keep their opponents at bay and small.

Anyone who now points expectantly to the media has apparently not yet realized their total failure. Everywhere and in everything, press products are a flattened disappointment. Though sensational as ever, journalism pants after the popular mainstream and dodges the political lead. You don’t want to fall out of favor and risk your goodies, such as the ancillary copyright (LSR) for example. Despite, or perhaps because of its blackmailed forced subsidies, public service broadcasting (ÖRR) is degenerating into loyal state-run radio. Here they just shamelessly stuff their pockets, but deny the payers their vote.

Regardless of whether the resistance and/or protest is economic, ecological and/or sociological, everyone is lost in the crowd of attention seekers or does not make it through the perception filters of those addressed. By contrast, while neoliberalism is forcing the economy to consolidate, the uprising is fraying more and more. Instead of increasing the clout through mergers, they willfully hope to pocket all the glory and obstinately ignore their own irrelevance. This little junk is of no use and leads to nothing.

Even if it is a emotive word, only centralization can be the solution. An umbrella association or higher-level organization is required to bundle all knowledge and prepare it for the masses. At the same time, this construct would be unmistakable and so powerful that no government can afford to act against it or remain inactive. If the pressure from the economy is to be countered, the back pressure must be at least equally strong. To be effective, bigger as well. The current situation is – to put it bluntly – inefficient and a waste of energy.

In nature conservation in particular, the supposedly serious economy is now using without scruples behavior previously reserved for criminal structures and killing uncomfortable activists. Unlike illegal circles, they mimic the unsuspecting and villainously wash their hands in innocence. Profit simply removes hurdles. If you follow the money, you inevitably end up in the glass palaces of ruthless managers. For example, they are not afraid of child labor and only keep mole monkeys in this regard.

Basically, there is enough material available and the Internet allows easy access, but necessary reforms are stalling. In many cases, public perception is even contradictory and resistance is staged as disturbances, which is not only a hindrance, but attitudes towards their concerns are hardened. The denomination of the dangers and their countermeasures arrive at the masses as restrictions on personal freedoms. It is therefore easy for opponents to position themselves against it and win over the passive majority. They have the alleged quality media on their side, which straighten their sails according to the most promising wind. Their postulated independence is simply not recognized as a lie. So rescuers become endangered.

Without order and agglomeration, all resistance will wipe itself out, demoralize those participants and fail to change direction. The necessity of all efforts is beyond question. But only bundling all capacities can still achieve the hoped-for effects. However, 2020 should be the peak. Unless the reformers make a significant breakthrough this year, they will have failed. If they do not get their fragmentation under control immediately, they will not be relieved of their world-changing claims.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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