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Environment #01

Perversion of intentions #07

Environment • 31.12.2022 • Reading time ∼ 3 min.

Conservationists and environmental activists have it hard enough. Now the #LastGeneration, who claim to be on the same side, is spitting in their soup. Because economy and politics show only little interest in the climate crisis, they consider more radical methods to be suitable for forcing changes. However, all they have achieved with their actions is to unleash the power of neocapitalism against themselves. »» read more

Silent death

Environment • 06.03.2020 • Reading time ~ 6 min.

Devastating battles of annihilation rage around us, among us and beside us. Despite their vehemence and consummate facts, hardly nobody cares about them, although they have lasting consequences. People's ignorance is due to the fact that the battlefields are not only beyond their perception, but above all beyond their imagination. They are completely overwhelmed by the contexts. »» read more

Fragmented resistance

Environment • 02.03.2020 • Reading time ~ 6 min.

They exist. They are there. Plentiful. Multiple. Often. Even loud enough – if you listen. And here the mess is hidden. Like a radio, you have to tune the station to receive its content. But first you have to know that the station exists, which program is playing there and you want to hear it. Active action is required. The greater the selection of channels, the more difficult the decision becomes. Ultimately, only one source can squawk out of the loudspeakers and usually the feel-good offer wins in the end. That which makes no demands on you. »» read more

Perversion of intentions #04

Environment • 25.09.2019 • Reading time ~ 1 min.

Warnings about climate change and its consequences have been issued since the 1980s. The oil giant Exxon knew about the negative effects of its industrial sector since the early 1970s through a self-commissioned study. What has politics done about this? They consequently paved the way for every step that contributed to accelerate and intensify the overexploitation of the planet! »» read more

Perversion of intentions #03

Environment • 04.06.2019 • Reading time ~ 2 min.

Although it is always being claimed that humans are tough – preferably testosterone-flooded individuals – at the end they are just biological organisms. Despite his domination preciousness, even the largest mouth ape must bow to this fact. Human nature is confronted with far more harmful influences than is good for her. However, we have abilities and possibilities to keep dangers away from us. »» read more

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