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Downward spiral

Economy • 17.01.2023 • Reading time ∼ 8 min.

Hardly noticed and not made public so as not to get into explanatory trouble, politics has been peddling trickle-down as the bringer of salvation for quite some time. Money should flow like water from top to bottom. What sounds logical, which is why politicians fall for it, is a rigged game. As if the same physical laws and natural conditions apply or even submit to them.

But it's true that all money flows in one direction. Just in a different one than promised. As rivers feed oceans, masses of work slaves fill the coffers of a few exploiters. They wouldn't dream of giving even a drop of it. They guard their treasures vigilantly and use their power to shape conditions in their favor. Politicians everywhere willingly submit to these desires. Whether out of ignorance or stupidity for the consequences should be investigated globally.

In fact, this system has downward effects (= trickle-down). If you squeeze fruit, the juice will dry up and the rest will gradually wither. Everywhere, tormented, dependent people are at the mercy of this procedure. Declining incomes, uncertain prospects with rising demands and fueled consumer needs have produced a continuously growing powder keg for years. Similar to a volcano, it simmers unnoticed underground before tension spreads upwards to discharge explosively.

The rich elite consider themselves privileged and unassailable. They rely on their money to protect them, and their political lackeys strain to keep dangers away from them. A look at the history books might prove them wrong. But those who are convinced they are above things feel unaffected. Arrogance not only outlasts centuries, but also reinvents itself again and again. What may be called quite astonishing. Permanently our way of life changes, but effortlessly our weaknesses adapt.

The market would regulate itself best. Politicians up and down the country constantly invoke this mantra. Probably to hammer it into their own heads. In doing so, they make monkeys of themselves, because behind closed doors, the moneyed aristocracy laughs at them. There is no interest at all in giving back to society what goes beyond the absolutely inevitable. They would much rather invest in strategies to reduce these shares ever further. They have no scruples. This would require a sense of guilt, which this type of person seems to be completely free of. Their mentality resembles that of criminal individuals. CumEx brought these hidden machinations to light and public awareness. Wirecard underlined the dishonest conduct of this caste.

Numerous revelations in recent years also confirm that people up there don't think much of trickle-down. Panama Papers, LuxLeaks, Pandora Papers and all the other evidence prove the primary stance of this circle: the mob's sole purpose is to generate fresh capital. Hoarding at any price is their motto.

No doubt many would act comparably because it is instinctive. As well as defending the booty with all means. Now humans are not predators (anymore (– actually –)) and boast of our intelligence to distinguish ourselves from animals. This ability should just serve to control animal instincts and direct them into decent ways. Rather, our actions shine through self-deception. In a community that praises its achievements and considers itself as outstanding, outliers endanger the whole structure. It does not matter where these disturbances occur. Up, down, left, right – it doesn't matter. The effects affect everyone and also rebound on the triggers. If you wiggle one thread of a net, the tremor spreads completely across all connections.

Equivalent actors act in the animal world, for whose way of life there is a designation: Parasitism!

Taking rigorously, without giving, jeopardizes the whole construct. Tensions arise, pressure builds up. Simple physics tells us what inevitably follows: Discharges. As in a steam pressure boiler, built-up pressure must escape. Pressure always generates counter-pressure and at some point triggers reactions. How these then turn out depends on the participants and circumstances. They are difficult to specify, but they are always negative.

Politics could prevent worse, but as trailblazers of this system, they are trapped in their own hell. Therefore, all revelations about tax havens have no political repercussions. On the contrary, if covering up illegal machinations is rewarded with the chancellor's office, this sends a devastating signal to the citizens. When the honest is demoted to dumb August and pays the price for the greed of others, it is hardly surprising if he adjusts his behavior accordingly.

There is no doubt that there is a working downward spiral, just not in the form that is being touted. If the majority of the population slides towards its decline, this will not remain without consequences. No one accepts it without resistance when all their efforts lead them in the opposite direction. When dishonest behavior grabs the biggest piece of the pie, it becomes an example for everyone. Without much fantasy, it can be imagined that this causes a brutalization of society. A treat for right-wing dogmatists.

No longer a utopia, but bitter reality. And in Germany, we are only at the beginning of these developments. Other countries are already further along their totalitarian course. But instead of being a warning to us, we are mindlessly trotting behind on the well-trodden path.

In this country, one party in particular fuels these destructive machinations: the FDP. An unregulated market in which the rich can rule and switch freely symbolizes their elixir of life. A small upper class, which is allowed to do anything to increase their prosperity. Exaggeratedly, their efforts could also be described as seeming to miss the old days of slavery. Voters of this party thereby express their sympathetic attitude. That their practices are harmful to society is obvious. So you have to consciously ignore it and bend it to the right. Everyone is free to lie to himself, but is then unsuitable as a representative of the people.

Leaving trillions of dollars lying around uselessly for personal vanities and greed for power of a few is absolutely insane … absurd … idiotic. Yet the system abhors anything useless. This waste is a crime against society. Since the owners do not hand it over voluntarily and politics refuses to fulfill its responsibility, other ways and means are needed to make the blood money withdrawn from society available to the general public again and to put it to a meaningful use.

All of us, as humanity as a whole, simply cannot afford this one-sided shifting of financial resources. When everything revolves around money, its stock should be evenly distributed. Just directing it into a few pockets on a one-way street is an aberration. If one percent possess more wealth than half the world's population, an intelligent being would recognize that something was seriously wrong. The resulting distortions are triggering resentment everywhere. In the end, tempers flare so high that territories are defended with violence. The actual cause, the imbalance, has then long been forgotten.

How far we have gotten off track is shown by the way we treat those who demand fairer distribution. They are insulted and defamed as smugglers. Those who defend decency and respect for all living things are accused of having no decency and respect for the – alleged – earnings of the wealthy. This clearly shows how neocapitalism has infiltrated and manipulated us to its liking. Hardly more urgently does it reveal that we must put a stop to this financial dictator before we tear each other apart.

Trickle-Down is a trick, a feint to fool us. Because the majority of the population is assumed not to understand the context, the pompous presentation serves to keep them quiet.

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