Difficult being an american

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Bread and games. What already worked excellently in ancient Rome finds its perfected continuation in the USA. With football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey, four sports keep the Americans happy. And when it comes to food, the country of supposedly unlimited possibilities is making the most of all: oversized portions, over-sugared, fatty and maximally unhealthy. Physically, the well-behaved American already has hard times of it.

In contrast, mental deficits are less measurable in kilograms. On the one hand, simple ways of thinking consist of light structures that are revealed by one-dimensional views, expressions and behaviour. On the other hand, the excessive mantra of being a world leader does not require complicated mental effort because it is simply repeated. In this respect, overloading is unlikely.

Even if under-complex brain circuits themselves are hardly noticeable, they can be a heavy blow to the environment. Loud rumbling, boorish behaviour and giving elephant in the china shop stretch all pain receptors to the limit of tolerance. Although the roots of some of the most influential music styles are rooted in America, there is no carte blanche for them to be cultural outcasts. Indigenous peoples can sing countless laments about this.

There is no doubt that the Americans are extremely annoyed by the fact that so little oil is stored in their territory and that they are therefore dependent on what they consider to be inferior countries. Because their own discoveries can only be elicited from the earth with considerable technical effort and expense, they construct a colourful potpourri of pretended reasons to install a permanent presence in the Middle East by means of military raids.

But how seriously one should take a country that prefers to let masses of innocent children die in rampages rather than to take away the weapons of the simpletons with inferiority complexes and delusions of grandeur? To this end, permanently invoking the right enshrined in the Constitution, but immediately amending it in order to stir up trouble against foreigners?

Can one take seriously a country that indulges uninhibited gluttony but offers no system for the consequences?
That does not trust anyone and monitors everything, but demands unconditional allegiance?
That proclaimes freedom constantly, but in the fine print expects to yield unbridled profit, otherwise it is adapted to the demands?
That declares itself an idol and model capitalist, but people can only tolerate this in a drug frenzy?
That can’t keep balance and is basically out of money?
That demands a senseless wastefulness from all allies, although their misguided use is obvious?
That sells actions for one’s own end as a pleasure for all, and insults mutates into a defiant infant, missing thanks?
That seeks his salvation in space because of plundering and destroying his own home?
That closes eyes to its own actions?
That reaps only head shaking outside its borders?

No one with regard and intellect submits a lame duck. Threatened with arms or resorting to other drastic means, the world community should isolate them. Perhaps some certain sanity will return then.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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