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Development aid for whom?

Economy • 17.08.2021 • Reading time ~ 9 min.

Development aid here, development aid there – for decades we've heard the plea for development aid from every corner. With such extensive efforts, it must be a tremendous success? Why is development aid not being scaled back then, but rather its call is felt louder and louder? Why are the funded countries still at the level of a developing country? Can we not in fact conclude that the system has failed colossally? Which leads to the obvious question: Whom does development aid help?

Here a few wells, there a school or hospital ward and scattered lectures on improving the meager agriculture. What's being extolled in this country is like a drop of water on a hot stone, where it evaporates immediately. However, profitable industries have arisen in European countries around development aid. Development aid has become a multi-billion dollar business, which is why scroungers have little interest in jiggling the status quo.

Although violence is no longer used as in colonial times, a dependency is created with which the countries are kept small. Now the Europeans come along as good masters, concealing the fact that they still want to set the tone and course. Africa in particular serves Europe only as a means to increase its own prosperity. Small favors, so-called development aid, should at best sedate the exploited.

How unscrupulous and cold-hearted Europe pursues its interests is shown by condescending treatment of locals. For many years, individual African countries refused to sign the free trade agreement with the EU. At some point the EU got fed up and demonstrated its power by switching to blackmail. Important export goods were subject to horrific tariffs, whereupon the small farmers were left with their goods and had to destroy most of them. To avoid provoking a revolt, the last deviators signed the agreement that was disadvantageous for them. The only beneficiary is Europe, which can now expand its profits considerably. Even before the agreement, Europe's exorbitant exports led to the destruction of entire industries in various African countries. Our used clothes eliminated the clothing industry and subsidized overproduction of pork, poultry, milk and tomatoes corresponding economic sectors.

Just like arrogant landlords, Europe rubs its fat bellies and unabashedly fills its pockets. Consequences of its own actions are rigorously ignored. It's assumed that there are no obstacles in the way of uninhibited self-service. After all, development aid is provided magnanimously.

Squeeze a lemon hard enough, at some point there will be no more drops and it ends up in the garbage. If you treat an entire continent and all its people in this way, they will, as expected, resist such usage. Before they are crushed, they understandably run away. The astonishment of Europeans that the wounded escape here is grotesque. As in the old days, colonial masters arrogantly believe that they are superior and untouchable. Refugee rushes were predictable because they are inevitable by the principle of cause and effect. The fact that especially the right-wing dirt does not want to know about the consequences of its gluttony is to be expected in view of their narrowness. Thereby we ignore crucial points: Sooner or later it will be tight in Europe. Even if certain population groups would deny this, they will be the first to invade a foreign country in order to occupy it. Above all, they think they have the right to do so.

A developed Africa would have been an acceptable target. But we preferred to keep it small, to do well on their backs. Perhaps there were fears of too much competition for our industries. Probably, however, we liked the well-known role of colonial master. Short-sighted and narrow-minded, which is what our actions are usually characterized by. Development aid serves to soothe our conscience. There's no need to ring the bell that good business can also be done with it.

Undoubtedly, numerous people are committed to the grassroots and believe that they can really make a difference. What else should they do or is left to them? These many helping hands should not be discredited at all. But anyone who, including those, who do not question the system, is acting negligently. Treating Africa like a crying baby that can be silenced with a pacifier is pure discrimination.

No matter how charitable numerous organizations may be and how superficially they are not out to make profit, billions of dollars are turned over under this banner and flow into their pockets. What are the purposes of development aid? At least not to make Africa an economically strong continent on an equal footing. Because everything that has been achieved so far takes China to absurdity within a very short time. Their engagements reach the local people directly and, above all, noticeably. Ironically, the worst human rights violator shows more respect for Africans than us – absurd. Understandably, most African countries are now turning to China. On the other hand, there should be no doubt about China's ulterior motive for its interventions, which is why alarm bells should ring around the world.

Our generosity not only mutates into a farce, but we are also driving an entire continent away from us with our self-importance. Straight into the hands of a dictatorship. So much stupidity only goes unnoticed because it is masked by arrogance. Misdirected development aid is not only proving to be a flop, but is now being built up as a power against us.

If the upswing in Africa continues, many of the refugees are likely to return home. This will lead to cheers across Europe because connections are not understood. In addition, if corrupt governments are replaced, people in their homeland could finally flourish a decent and respectable life. This is definitely to be wished for and allowed to the refugees. Notwithstanding effects that climate change will impose on them.

What should have long been carried out under liberal democratic influences is now taking place under the aegis of a communist dictatorship. You couldn't screw it up any worse. Nobody needs to hope for insight from those involved. Politics is fundamentally incapable of doing this and profiteers wash their hands in innocence. However, their cries will be pathetic when undesirable consequences come to light.

Inequality cannot be sustained over long term. The behavior of European governments towards developing countries practiced over decades can only be described as simple-minded. From the lofty position of a patron, existing needs were disregarded and subordinated to their own. People, not aliens, were maliciously treated not equal and excluded. This is racism. Hypocritically pretending equivalence only makes things worse.

Now everything falls on our feet, and more painfully than we'd like to imagine. However, this fails due to a lack of foresight. So-called developed countries act poorly towards the supposedly underdeveloped. Downright embarrassing. To assume that they would put up with this forever is just as arrogant as it is stupid.

China is now waking the sleeping giant. At the latest, when the Asian empire tackles Islamist terrorism, Western influence will be over. The quality of life in Africa will gradually increase – finally. If the imbalance is reduced, this inevitably leads to cutbacks in rich nations. Which is not only perfectly fine, but overdue. The foreseeable protests could be counteracted at an early stage, for which the said foresight is lacking. In contrast, it may be doubted whether we like the expansion of the Chinese system. However, for decades we had the opportunity to shape it differently, but only used it for our own enrichment, which paved the way for China. We have forfeited respect and responsibility; we have failed miserably.

Certainly useful items were installed selectively, but it was neglected to decisively develop the countries themselves. In this, not moving Africa's countries forward was not a omission, but intentional. Corrupt governments were therefore tolerated because they mostly danced to the European tune. Aid organizations will argue that this is neither their task nor something they can influence. With which they cheaply pull themselves out of the affair. What good is help if there is no healing? Because healing was not desired. Sticking a tiny band-aid to a gaping wound is now proving counterproductive. China is now spitting on its hands to not take half-measures. While it pushed ahead with its own buildup, it could study our deplorable activities in Africa in peace. Contrary to Western intentions to dominate Africa, China wants to strengthen it in order to grow together. At least first, the rest should be obvious. In the coming years, Europe in particular is likely to whine about its failures. Let's see who will then be blamed for this. As I said, insight and foresight are in short supply among political elite.

And have you already donated money for development aid and taken old clothes to the collection container?

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