Reform the system or fail

Together overcoming greed before it kills us.

Capitalist education machinery

Social • 07.05.2021 • Reading time ~ 8 min.

There are only a few white spots around the world where capitalism has not yet found its way. Withdrawn indigenous peoples successfully keep the supposed civilization at bay. There are also some light gray dots. Also indigenous groups who live according to their tradition and only have rudimentary points of contact with the capitalist way of life to be taken over by it. The rest of the world map sinks into the deepest black.

Black as the night; like black holes that suck everything into themselves; black as a cancerous tumor; black as the darkest soul; black as death. Capitalism is a deadly plague. A disease that is injected into us early. A pandemic from which no escape is possible because it is rampant everywhere. Which is only not fought, because it has been declared to be normal. Established by the victims themselves as an elixir of life. Undisturbed and cold-blooded, the system eats its way deeper and deeper into all natural resources and mercilessly sucks out all life.

While mankind has been developing for many thousands of years, capitalism in its current form crept in recently – in terms of contemporary history. Industrialization at the end of the 19th century gave him the most significant boost. While the engine stuttered until the middle of the 20th century, it then picked up speed and now rushes along at top speed. Unstoppable, because who dares to jump off or stop the beast? While its power is already frightening, it has one major advantage: it has made itself indispensable. Resistance is nipped in the bud and alternatives have been eliminated. Now everything revolves around quenching its inexhaustible thirst. Due to its systematics, however, this does not diminish at all, but grows continuously. An insatiable maw that permanently demands more.

We humans devotedly indulge in the system that has been declared a sanctuary. Although we struggle with its shortcomings, we don't question it. Criticism is always aimed at a healing through the system itself. The ridiculousness of such demands for Münchhausen solutions is not recognized because the necessary skills for this have been eradicated by the system. As so much has been and is being erased in the drill of the capitalist educational machinery.

Vividly, these processes begin after the 2nd World War. Wounds were licked, spat on the hands and called to rebuild. By the end of the 1950s, the dust was washed off and it was time for rewards. But they weren't donated and, strangely enough, this was neither demanded nor doubted. As a matter of course everyone accepted that you had to earn them first. You have to perform first in order to be able to afford something. Whereby the system decides and determines the value. There was probably no room for critical thoughts in the decampment. Everyone just wanted to finally treat themselves to something.

Until around 1980, the income of the head of the family was enough to make prosperity grow everywhere. But the system was constantly raising the bar of entitlement. To cover its greed, it infiltrated the previously rarely used female part of the population. It fueled the fire for independence, self-determination, self-realization and tickled their vanity. Successful, as proven by the diligently increasing consumption.

So that children did not become a hindrance, the system created cozy breeding stations. With the expansion of these facilities, parents were able to deliver the results of their replenishment production earlier and earlier. Thus the system could begin early with the training according to its conceptions. It thanks the parents by implementing numerous positive arguments why this is a good and correct decision and reminds at the same time to get on the hamster wheel on time.

The ease and informality that prevailed at the end of the 20th century was gone by its change. Men and women were already feeding the system, whose hunger continuously increased. It called itself now neoliberalism because that sounded modern and capitalism has a rather negative connotation. Under the new flag, it unscrupulously raised the pressure and ruthlessly sorted out. In this way it generates unsightly boils, but doesn't care about their effects. It arrogantly ignores connections and therefore does not see the danger that threatens itself.

But back to the children, because this is where the brainwashing begins. It starts simply, but effectively, suitable for children. As a result, it impressively unfolds its infamous sustainability. When the mother was still responsible for the welfare, the offspring quickly learned the connection between the absent father and receiving gifts. Before it would be confronted with the system itself, it has already inhaled the center around which everything seems to revolve: money. Dad isn't there because he has to earn money. Only with it we can live, eat, drink, go on vacation and of course receive gifts. There can't be enough occasions for that, even it's a bad conscience, which the offspring has no idea about yet. Ultimately, gifts are guaranteed to lure you into the trap, because for the system it is only important to establish itself as the highest authority in their perception as early as possible. Once captured, the system can then grow unhindered in their mind.

When mothers began to participate in feeding the system, it was also able to optimize the educational process. In collection points appropriately named kindergarten or day care, the seed can simultaneously thrive in many more minds. Monitored and controlled the future servants receive their finishing touches. This successful double move could be cause for celebration for the system if such raptures were present in its repertoire. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, it has no use for waste of any kind, even sentimentalism, but prefers to ponder further possibilities for increasing efficiency.

If father and mother submit to the system and surrender unconditionally, that's one thing. But where is the children's right to free development? Each of us is born with the ability to think holistically, but as henchmen of the system, parents simply rob it. Unasked, children have to endure and accept the mutilation of their minds. Rigorously, their ignorance is exploited, deceived and used against them. Their dependence and credulity becomes their doom.

The parents also went through this processing, which is why they don't think anything about it, just obediently follow their implemented programming. Running blindly into ruin, because the system has made us lose recognition is still not an irrevocable option. Simply continuing to vegetate in a waking coma cannot and must not be the last word in wisdom. The ban must be broken. Now. Today.

It is not about abolishing self-actualization or not giving children into care now and then. The motives alone are wrong. We have made ourselves slaves to a totalitarian system, so only we can free ourselves from it. Shrugging our shoulders and letting the machinery have its way is to give up. No wonder that the escape into digital worlds is so captivating, with the inner pressure steadily increasing, only to be discharged into aggression. All signs that you no longer think for yourself, but let yourself be pushed around by the system. When we turn on each other, we have failed. All.

Some passages are intentionally exaggerated. Without being provoked, the clogged drive cannot be blown free and get going again. Some indignation doesn't harm if it stimulates your own thinking apparatus. However, this has absolutely nothing in common with the ever escalating behavior. The increase in angry bourgeoisie, language police, word twisters and delimitations is directly related to the sick system. However, those who are too cowardly to oppose it or even to recognize its dictatorship, from which we have to free ourselves or cannot even imagine that it works without greed and exploitation, can continue to stew in their small-minded prison, but should in general just keep their mouth shut.

Translated with the help of Deepl and Google. If passages are unfortunate translated or sentences are incorrectly worded so that they may even make a different sense, I am pleased to receive suitable hints. Thanks.