Apple Polymorphy

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Elite, comfortably equipped, pleasant ambience and prudent full-time care with fussy access control. Full-bodied high-gloss promises tempt you to believe in the digital Garden of Eden. On every corner, numerous conveniences convey bliss and promise isolation from unpleasant annoyances. Just everything that is appropriate for upscale luxury. A corresponding credit rating is considered an admission criterion.

What sounds like a luxury holiday in a 6-star hotel turns out to be a restrictive prison behind the façade. Strictly organized hierarchically, with a dictator at the top, the inmates have nothing to say. Not only do they have no rights, but they are expected to be grateful for being admitted. Brushed with benevolence in connection with the voluntary self-instruction, the submissives accept all dealings with them and do not question all behavior in a great way. As a comrade, even the harshest critic becomes tame towards his digital home.

The list of behaviors to be criticised is not only long, grows daily, but also heavyweight. However, nowadays everything is subordinated to sacred profit and human shortcomings are completely foreign to it. Dignity, decency and respect are only paid to mammon. Probably this behavior reflects the character of the material snooths, which is why no resistance is aroused. Perhaps this is just too exhausting for the people who are being hugged. However, it is fundamentally forbidden to make any reference to character and its meaning in this whole complex. Rather, lack of character is the most striking quality of the system. With his dearly paid affiliation, everyone seems to buy himself out of such human remains.

The contradictions in actions, in what is said and their combinations should be unbearable for conscientious contemporaries. Every employee with such behavior is on the street in no time. To be bullied and dictated into our supposedly free world underlines one’s own laziness of thinking. What, on the other hand, causes arbitrariness of profit vulture in already repressive countries, no responsible person should simply ignore and let it happen idly. When the financial dictator crawls up the political dictator’s ass and hires himself out as a submissive mercenary, this repulsive behavior causes enormous damage to the affected population. They are gagged and subjugated twice.

Abundance of justifications and excuses are thrown into the ring. Psychological revelations. Poverty certificates in their purest form. Addicts who talk their addiction up and point it out to others, they feel cornered. Like plasticine, they shape their ideal world as it fits. This is only possible without an own backbone. Grotesque that they think they are special. But they consider their flexibility, adaptability, controllability, lack of interest, indifference and irresponsibility to be outstanding. Unable to face the truth, they admit their guilt, because justifications and excuses are just that: confessions of guilt.

Profit is not natural and has no spark of humanity. This applies to everyone involved in the expansion of this prison. Without morality and insight, change is not to be expected as long as a good feeling is persuaded, because thinking for oneself is neither necessary nor desirable in a dictatorship.

Preferably the equipment is dressed in white, in order to seemingly give oneself a pure, innocent image. But under the hood the rotten dirt stinks against the wind for miles and every inmate has blood on his hands. Maybe that’s why you feel so comfortable in this prison.

(The articles from 2017 and 2018 do not lose their relevance.)

Translated with the help of Deepl

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