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Can you be responsible for the stupidity of consumers? No … but you can take advantage of this to make them dependent. Which company does not dream of a following in permanent delirium that buys everything from you? Not just the monetary offers, but also the intangible behavior? From this comfortable situation you only need to take care of propagation; that of the dependents and the willing amounts paid by each individual.

The shiny, polished bowl distracts from the rotten inside, which has stunk for a long time, but is not noticed or ignored by addicts. Some have been affected by the toxic processes so much that they defend their sanctuary in uncivilized ways.

The beautiful being flatteringly distracts from the fact that the limits of questionability have long been exceeded. If managers always emphasize that data is not their business, they don’t put it off that their universe is a prison. A colorful one and some find it cozy, but it remains a prison. The guards set the rules, determine the use and control access.

And you can’t pee on its leg. Those who don’t like their way of increasing money should cry out in the quiet chamber. If the boss then says, we don’t care about money, he mocks every thinking and responsible person. Whoever pays only 50 Euros in taxes for every million earned, wants to silence unpleasant people, serves his position of power to totalitarian governments, tolerates precarious employment to increase his own profit etc., deserves to be redirected to the siding and exploited.

Unfortunately, it is devastating that this repulsive behavior is now spreading and has become widespread. A real competition between the companies seems to have broken out, who is doing the worst. On the back of stupid consumers, of course, who could change it, but don’t do it and are therefore ultimately to blame. But they are successfully deterred by such clever ideas. By whom? Well, how about thinking?

Translated with the help of Deepl

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