Alien Fear

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If our ancestors had been afraid of anything foreign back then, no nationalistically brown thin shit would be drooling over the countries today, but things would look quite different overall. If scientists digging into our past have so far been relatively certain that the cradle of humanity was in Africa, this thesis is increasingly faltering. Recent discoveries suggest that a central birthplace may be waste.

With his African descent the nationalist mob has never been able to make friends, which is why this fact is completely ignored. They also not understood the biological fact that mixing and merging within a race is an unavoidable natural process to achieve a strengthening of the species. That diversity is an advantage in maintaining one’s own species exceeds their negative brain capacities.

None of them can explain why it is more desirable to stir up fear and hatred towards strangers than to meet each other in a friendly and supportive way. They are overwhelmed by this, whereupon only their inner resistance is further heated up. At the same time, fear and hatred feel so disgusting that it is not understandable that they are voluntarily ignited. To behave peacefully with one’s peers, on the other hand, is pleasant in every way. However, fear and hatred are not only the easiest to arouse, they also make it easier to control them. This is the central reason for the existence and spread of all fear-mongering.

Control is humans greatest weakness. We believe up to the conviction that we (must) dominate everything. The more pronounced this trait is, the more susceptible those affected are to influence. An excess of control is dominance. If this is supposedly threatened, the fickle grab what appears to be the only countermeasure and draw their limits higher or higher.

Although promoting alien fear and unnecessary fire may seem completely unnecessary and useless, everything unfolds its benefits for the chief controllers. Honored by their followers as figureheads, they command and control their way of thinking and behaving. By pushing a button, they activate the moods of their followers and set the direction of all actions. Those accept the external control because, firstly, it is not perceived as such due to their conformity and, secondly, every outsourcing of responsibility and decision is gladly accepted. Following someone is easier than trying to find the way yourself.

Such infected creatures are insensitive to corrections. They hold on to their nonsense and rather fall over the cliff with closed eyes than open up to other perspectives. Of course, it should not be underestimated that every form of independence is exhausting. Thinking for yourself, for example, is an incredibly challenging activity that one would rather avoid before obvious deficits could embarrass.

We humans became what we are, not through alien fear. The limitations of some contemporaries are not only embarrassing, but a disgrace to our race. Not understanding or being slow on the uptake is one thing. The other is to refuse to be who we are, which is an outrage to ourselves and also a colossal betrayal of humanity as a whole. Shameful. Sad. Paltry.

↑ Translated with the help of Deepl

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