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Downward spiral

Economy • 17.01.2023 • Reading time ∼ 8 min.

Hardly noticed and not made public so as not to get into explanatory trouble, politics has been peddling trickle-down as the bringer of salvation for quite some time. Money should flow like water from top to bottom. What sounds logical, which is why politicians fall for it, is a rigged game. As if the same physical laws and natural conditions apply or even submit to them.

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Perversion of intentions #07

Environment • 31.12.2022 • Reading time ∼ 3 min.

Conservationists and environmental activists have it hard enough. Now the #LastGeneration, who claim to be on the same side, is spitting in their soup. Because economy and politics show only little interest in the climate crisis, they consider more radical methods to be suitable for forcing changes. However, all they have achieved with their actions is to unleash the power of neocapitalism against themselves.

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It goes on again. For now with the existing content. New ones will come as soon as the Spanish translations are ready. Those who likewise recognize the man-made error, but equally believe in our ability to change, are welcome to join. Any help with this task is most welcome.


Left vacuum

Politics • 07.09.2021 • Reading time ∼ 10 min.

Nowadays one looks in vain for a respectful coexistence. Fueled by unrealistic politics, a ruthless exploitation society developed. Worldwide. While mercilessly raking in what they can, all impacts are swept under the carpet. Which is understandable in view of the dimensions. Nobody wants to deal with it, prefers to accumulate superfluous possessions in order to hide behind them from the consequences. Yet these are inevitable and much closer than one might like.

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Development aid for whom?

Economy • 17.08.2021 • Reading time ∼ 9 min.

Development aid here, development aid there – for decades we've heard the plea for development aid from every corner. With such extensive efforts, it must be a tremendous success? Why is development aid not being scaled back then, but rather its call is felt louder and louder? Why are the funded countries still at the level of a developing country? Can we not in fact conclude that the system has failed colossally? Which leads to the obvious question: Whom does development aid help?

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Politics • 10.07.2021 • Reading time ∼ 11 min.

You try to get rid of an albatross around the neck. Depending on available options and pursued intentions, means are adjusted. It becomes difficult when everything takes place in public and the effects sting noticeably into the flesh of those affected. As long as twisted arguments have an appeasing effect, projects can be pursued unabashedly. It becomes unfavorable from the moment an invincible opponent enters the ring. Then things not only get tricky, but you end up on the siding that was intended for other purposes.

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Economy • 04.06.2021 • Reading time ∼ 11 min.

"Give me your money!", it sounds menacingly from all corners. "Stop the thieves!", one is inclined to shout back. However, there are no robberies taking place; people reach into someone else's pockets in a completely legal manner. But the perpetrators have as little respect for the property of others as classic robbers. While thieves break in and take away what they consider valuable, the new generation of crooks is more subtle and infamous.

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Capitalist education machinery

Social • 07.05.2021 • Reading time ∼ 8 min.

There are only a few white spots around the world where capitalism has not yet found its way. Withdrawn indigenous peoples successfully keep the supposed civilization at bay. There are also some light gray dots. Also indigenous groups who live according to their tradition and only have rudimentary points of contact with the capitalist way of life to be taken over by it. The rest of the world map sinks into the deepest black.

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The crux of the cross

Politics • 29.04.2021 • Reading time ∼ 5 min.

It's enough to make your hair stand on end. It has long been impossible to endure the political situation sober. Those who are averse to alcohol, the cruel reality is served pure every day. One would like to run far away. But where to? If you look around the world, the catastrophic developments are similar. The only differences is the distance passed on the wrong path. So what's the point of voting anywhere? Does it make any sense at all if one can only decide between different gradations of evil? If the cart hits the wall at full speed, model or color doesn't matter.

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