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Economy #01

Downward spiral

Economy • 17.01.2023 • Reading time ∼ 8 min.

Hardly noticed and not made public so as not to get into explanatory trouble, politics has been peddling trickle-down as the bringer of salvation for quite some time. Money should flow like water from top to bottom. What sounds logical, which is why politicians fall for it, is a rigged game. As if the same physical laws and natural conditions apply or even submit to them. »» read more

Development aid for whom?

Economy • 17.08.2021 • Reading time ~ 9 min.

Development aid here, development aid there – for decades we've heard the plea for development aid from every corner. With such extensive efforts, it must be a tremendous success? Why is development aid not being scaled back then, but rather its call is felt louder and louder? Why are the funded countries still at the level of a developing country? Can we not in fact conclude that the system has failed colossally? Which leads to the obvious question: Whom does development aid help? »» read more


Economy • 04.06.2021 • Reading time ~ 11 min.

"Give me your money!", it sounds menacingly from all corners. "Stop the thieves!", one is inclined to shout back. However, there are no robberies taking place; people reach into someone else's pockets in a completely legal manner. But the perpetrators have as little respect for the property of others as classic robbers. While thieves break in and take away what they consider valuable, the new generation of crooks is more subtle and infamous. »» read more

Apple polymorphy

Economy • 25.02.2020 • Reading time ~ 5 min.

Elite, comfortably equipped, pleasant ambience and prudent full-time care with fussy access control. Full-bodied high-gloss promises tempt you to believe in the digital Garden of Eden. On every corner, numerous conveniences convey bliss and promise isolation from unpleasant annoyances. Just everything that is appropriate for upscale luxury. A corresponding credit rating is considered an admission criterion. »» read more

Voluntary slaves

Economy • 08.02.2019 • Reading time ~ 3 min.

In the tendency of people to rise above others and use them to their own advantage up to the pain threshold, behavior of Gig-Economy is neither surprising nor unexpected. In each one of us there is a tendency to slavery and to consider others worthless enough to take full control of them. »» read more

Neoliberal inequality

Economy • 17.01.2019 • Reading time ~ 4 min.

Companies are focused on the fact that on the result side one factor towers above everything and the bigger and fatter it is, the better: profit! In the row of suppliers, however, one circumstance causes a bad mood: employees! Everywhere the most unpleasant cost producer; everywhere the unit under the greatest pressure. Efficiency is the economic mantra of neoliberal times. »» read more

Apple mania

Economy • 25.10.2018 • Reading time ~ 3 min.

Can you be responsible for the stupidity of consumers? No … but you can take advantage of this to make them dependent. Which company does not dream of a following in permanent delirium that buys everything from you? Not just the monetary offers, but also the intangible behavior? From this comfortable situation you only need to take care of propagation; that of the dependents and the willing amounts paid by each individual. »» read more

The poison apple

Economy • 06.12.2017 • Reading time ~ 3 min.

It is not for nothing that the once bitten apple awakens the connection to the – hopefully – well-known fairy tale of Snow White. As there, the local one is advertised with all kinds of seductive promises. The only difference is that nowadays there is no deep sleep, but the transformation into a soulless zombie. There is no other way to interpret widespread processes. »» read more

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